Volume XXXVI, no. 2


Spring 2016:  Issue 2
 Cover Art: Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Table of Contents


Bree Barton “Sexing the Starling”
Julia Strayer “A Dog So Mean”
Barrett Bowlin “Origin Story”
Matthew Nye “On Romance”
Barney T. Haney “Inheritance”
Steven W. McCarty “The Lost City”

Alexandra Teague Two Poems
Jen Siraganian “Armenian Wedding”
Devon Moore “Mourning Dove”
Jennifer Sperry Steinorth “Eve Again”
Sophie Klahr  “two stories/ swallow”
Moriah Cohen “Vanishing Point”
Jessica Plante “The Lying Field”
Brian Laidlaw “Five Paragraph Essay on the Brown Recluse Spider”
Siobhan Scarry from (A)pastoral
Violly Kugel-Merkner “Dental Records”
Skye Shirley “Conception”
Michael Myerhofer “The Feline Pythia of Fresno, California”
Christopher Citro Two poems
Leah Poole Osowski Three poems
Daniel Moysaenko Three Poems
Diane LeBlanc “The End of Grief”
Doug Ramspeck Two poems
Jeffrey Perkins “Kingdom”
Quinn Lewis Two Poems
Claire Sylvester Smith “Lab”
Brianna Noll “Boreal”





Jacklyn Bergamino Two Shorts
Kristina Marie Darling “Essays on Props”
Michele Finn Johnson “Goose Farm”

Translation Chapbook

Maria Kusar  This Hollowed-Out Place That Barely Exists
Translated from the Slovenian and Introduced by Ana Jelnikar, Barbara Siegel Carlson, and Stephen Watts


The 2015-2016 James Wright Poetry Award

First Prize

Alison Stagner “Dig at Cana”


Cori A Winrock  “Plate I: Interior View of Gemini”


Michael Boccardo “Every House You Seek Will Always Burn”
Abigail Lee “Blue can be a place / please can it be a place”
Andrew Payton “Strandings”
Tobias Wray “Snow White and the Kiss Deferred”

The 2015-2016 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award

First Prize 

Cady Vishniac  “Move”

What We’re Reading

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