We congratulate GJ Gillespie, winner of the first ever MAR-Inspired Art Competition! Gillespie will recieve $500 and a share of proceeds from print sales. We are happy to present his piece, “Life Cycle,” inspired by Ryan Habermeyer’s, “In Search of Fortunes Not Yet Lost” (XXXIV.1).

About Gillespie’s piece, judge Daniel Merriam wrote, “The artist … demonstrates a passionate intent. There are bright colors and high contrasts with a complex layering of materials. They communicate a cohesive message. Be it disturbing or pleasant, it speaks loud and clear … It set the feeling tone for the chapter and held true to both its charm and tragedy. I felt the coldness of winter and the opposing tensions of precious life and sorrowful death.”

About the Judge: Daniel Merriam, a native of Maine, is an artist of the fantastic and the surreal. His watercolors have been exhibited across the country, and compiled in three books. His imagination blends the unexpected, the dark, the airy, the curious, and the luxurious with vibrant color and depth. His work graced the covers of MAR XXI.1, XXI.2, and XXV.1.


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