Volume XXXX, no. 2

MAR 40.2 cover image, red decorative objects

40.2 Table of Contents

Reilly D. Cox, Two Poems
Amorak Huey, “So Far from That River, We Listen to a Single Storm from Opposite Sides”
Clare Paniccia, Two Poems
Alix Anne Shaw, “Grid”
Mark Pursell, Two Poems
Alex Greenberg, “Snapshot:”
Natalie Crick, “Vessel”
Brianna Flavin, “At the Bible school, they talk about the eternal”
Kat Neis, “Assemblage”
Maddie Pospisil, “The Physics of Blueberry Earth”
Ja’net Danielo, Two Poems
Jake Bailey, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Schizo Self”
Lori Propheter, Two Poems
Genevieve N. Williams, “Tall Bluestem”

Joseph Levens, “Clarification”
Shane Page, “One Guy Says to the Other”
Saul Alpert-Abrams, “Special Treatment”
Sam Asher, “Where I’m From”
Amanda Funk-Hilton, “Anne Practicing in a Mirror When She Was Young”

Translation Chapbooks
Felipe Moncada Mijic, “In the Region of the Inexpressible”
Translated from the Spanish and Introduced by Robert A. Keiser

Fabio Pusterla, “Starved for Everything”
Translated from the Italian and Introduced by Will Schutt

2019-2020 James Wright Poetry Award
First Prize: Sarah Burke, “Open Letter to Frida Kahlo”
Runner-Up: Abby E. Murray, “Drone Song”
Gregory Emilio, “Meditation at Waffle House”
Simon Shieh, “Clearing the Hills”
Laura Stott, “Colony Collapse Disorder”

The 2019-2020 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
First Prize: Bethany Kaylor, “Ghost World”
Runner-Up: S.J. MacLean, “Splitting the Horse”

What We’re Reading
Look Look Look by Callista Buchen, reviewed by Michelle Bellman
The Tethered Ground by Lanette Cadle, reviewed by Matt Miller
RESPECT: The Poetry of Detroit Music edited by Jim Daniels and M.L. Liebler, reviewed by Cassandra Caverhill
Pagan Virtues by Stephen Dunn, reviewed by George Looney
I Am Here to Make Friends by Robert Long Foreman, reviewed by Angela Kramer
The Unexploded Ordnance Bin by Rebecca Foust, reviewed by Allie Pavy
The Soft Path by Joshua Harmon, reviewed by Turner Wilson
Cage of Lit Glass by Charles Kell, reviewed by Nicholas Gardner
Stone Skimmers by Jennifer Wisner Kelly, reviewed by Brenna Hosman
Virtuoso by Yelena Moskovich, reviewed by Nicholas Gardner
Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now by Andrew Perry, reviewed by Matthew Stewart
The Prettiest Star by Carter Sickels, reviewed by Chad Merrell
We Are Called Specimens: An Oral Archive of Deity Marjorie by Jason Teal, reviewed by Alise Miller
The Spinning Place by Chelsea Wagenaar, reviewed by Cloe Watson
Cyborg Detective by Jillian Weise, reviewed by Aryanna Falkner
The Marriage of the Moon and the Field by Sunni Brown Wilkinson, reviewed by Micaela Tore

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