Volume XXXIX, no. 2

MAR Cover 39.2: The Gilded Age—With Deer, by Sarah Nguyen

39.2 Table of Contents

Holly Karapetkova, Three Poems
Alyssa Froehling, “the maidenhair tree”
Stacy Boe Miller, “Homage to My Being a Woman”
Bilinda Straight, “First Cut”
Daniel Biegelson, “Let There Be Dark”
Brett Elizabeth Jenkins, “Emotional Dictionary”
Angela Bilger, “Heart”
Mary Cisper, Three Poems
A. Anupama, “Soon”
Cynthia Hughes, “Driving the Bread to New Jersey in the Middle of the Night”
Benjamin Landry, Two Poems
Jane Zwart, “An Asterisk”
Samantha Leigh Futhey, “Geophagy”
Bonnie Jill Emmanuel, “After a Massacre”
Amy Roa, “The Food Chain”

Wendy Chen, “The Scarecrow”
C.R. Beideman, “Where the Children Play”
Alyse Knorr, “Hercules and the Snake”
Nathan Sindelar, “Charades”
Aurelie Sheehan, “Funerals for Introverts”
Nick Almeida, “Electric Nothing”

Creative Nonfiction
Denise Duhamel, “It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature”
Kathleen McGookey, “The Available Light”

The 2019 AWP Intro Journals Awards
McKayla Conahan, “In the Sedge”
Mirri Glasson-Darling, “The Root of My Family”

Dimitra Kotoula, from Prayer (or The Apple, 7/28/2013)
Translated from the Greek by Maria Nazos

Translation Chapbook
Anna Maria Carpi, By the Board of Departures and Arrivals
Translated from the Italian and Introduced by Lisa Mullenneaux

The 2018-2019 James Wright Competition
     First Prize
Mark Wagenaar, “Psalm XXXI”
Cynthia X. Hua, “After Dark”
Kim Garcia, “A pheasant’s burbling call”
Jason Roberts, “Chamber III: Walker County as the Image of a Heart Sufficiently Broken”
Jacqueline Winter Thomas, “One Year of Winter”
Alexa Winik, “Parable of the Bobbit Worm”

The 2018-2019 Sherwood Anderson Competition
     First Prize
Chris Morgan, “A Short History of Violence”
Patricia Sammon, “The Forest”

What We’re Reading

Fossils in the Making by Kristin George Bagdanov, reviewed by Aryanna Faulkner
Phantom Signs: The Muse in Universe City by Philip Brady, reviewed by Matthew Stewart
Secret Formulas & Techniques of the Masters by Jackie Craven, reviewed by Julie Webb
Fluid States by Heidi Czerwiec, reviewed by Abigail Cloud
Dark Horse by Kristina Marie Darling, reviewed by Erin Carlyle
The Road to Lilac Hill by Barbara Drake, reviewed by Craig Cotter
The Darkness Call by Gary Fincke, reviewed by Joshua Cobb
When We Were Someone Else by Rachel Groves, reviewed by Annie Cigic
dark // thing by Ashley M Jones, reviewed by Sherrel McLafferty
Brother Bullet by Casandra López, reviewed by Tanja Vierrether
Museum of Stones by Lynn Lurie, reviewed by Ali Miller
When They Say You Can’t Go Home Again, What They Mean Is You Were Never There by Marty McConnell, reviewed by Madeline Grigg
Sweet Herbaceous Miracle by Berwyn Moore, reviewed by Lucas Fulton
Be With Me Always by Randon Billings Noble, reviewed by Kari Hanlin
Dresses from the Old Country by Laura Read, reviewed by Shay Hawkins
Sweet World by Maureen Seaton, reviewed by Micaela Tore
Quantum Convention by Eric Schlich, reviewed by Neeru Nagarajan
Pulver Maar by Zachary Schomburg, reviewed by Evan Blake

Volume XXXIX, no. 1

MAR 39.1 Cover Art: Fox Fires, by Sarah Nguyen

39.1 Table of Contents

Mike Alberti, “The Woods”
Zachary Tyler Vickers, “Huggable Joe Klimt”
Adrienne Brock, “Jan Mayen”
John William McConnell, “Further Instructions”
Francine Witte, “By the lake”
Jim Ray Daniels, “Little Stevie Wonder”

Jenna Bazzell, “May”
John Sibley Williams, Two Poems
Andrew Kozma, “Song of the Park Ranger”
Elizabeth Vignali, “Endangered Animal: The Manatee”
Rainie Oet, Three Poems
Janine Certo, “Holding Hands on the Bank. Leaves Float Down the River.”
Anna De Vaul, Two Poems
Mara Adamitz Scrupe, “Natural History”
Barbara Siegel Carlson, “Sharm el-Sheikh: The Secret of Things”
Andrew Hemmert, “Elegy with Salt at the Root”
Levi Andalou, Two Poems
Jessica Ankeny, “Centipede”
Leigh Anne Couch, “Heliotrope”
Tresha Faye Haefner, “Polestar of the Apocalypse”
Jory Mickelson, “Amelia Earhart Dreams of Dancing”

Creative Nonfiction
Mary Quade, “Zoo World”
Amanda Hawkins, “Lessons on Ashes”

Translation Chapbook
Riad Saleh Hussein, The World That Becomes Bread and Grapes
Translated from the Arabic and Introduced by Saleh Razzoul and Philip Terman

The 2018 Fineline Competition
     First Prize
Ellen Samuels, “Cigarette-Paper Scars”
Siân Griffiths, “You Were Raised by a Dragon. What Was It Like?”
Randa Shehadi Breuer, “Siblings, Beirut 1967”
Leonora Dessar, “In This Fantasy I Went to Live with My Therapist”
Fay Dillof, “Number of Species”
Benjamin S. Grossberg, “I Sit at Her Bedside”
Kim Hamilton, “Lifelines”
Anderson Holderness, “Chicken Bone Cathedral”
Tara Isabel Zambrano, “Seams”

The 2018 AWP Intro Journals Awards
Allyson Hoffman, “Three Boys from Felton High School Go to War”
Mary Maroste, “Landscape with Sharp Rocks & Cream”

What We’re Reading
All the Wild Hungers by Karen Babine, reviewed by Christina Stump
Too Quick for the Living by Walter Bargen, reviewed by Lucas Fulton
Secure Your Own Mask by Shaindel Beers, reviewed by Sherrel McLafferty
Cenzontle by Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, reviewed by Julie Webb
The Second O of Sorrow by Sean Thomas Dougherty, reviewed by Annie Cigic
Dogs of Detroit by Brad Felver, reviewed by Katy Cesarotti
The Darkness Call by Gary Fincke, reviewed by Matthew Stewart
Thank Your Lucky Stars by Sherrie Flick, reviewed by Ali Miller
All That Held Us by Henrietta Goodman, reviewed by Erin Carlyle
The Science of Lost Futures by Ryan Habermeyer, reviewed by Neeru Nagarajan
The Devoted by Blair Hurley, reviewed by Blue Profitt
A Certain Loneliness by Sandra Gail Lambert, reviewed by Aryanna Faulkner
The Explosion Expert’s Wife by Shara Lessley, reviewed by Madeline Grigg
We’re Going to Need a Higher Fence by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, reviewed by Kate Partridge
Holy Moly Carry Me by Erika Meitner, reviewed by Shay Hawkins
Last City by Brian Sneeden, reviewed by Evan Blake

Volume XXXVIII, no. 2

MAR 38.2 Cover Art: There was no going back, by Michelle Kingdom

38.2 Table of Contents

Katherine L. Hester, “Dirty South”
Naomi Telushkin, “Submarine”
Cat Ingrid Leeches, “My Dead Mother Is into Rotting Fish & Crystals”
Carley Gomez, “The Art of a Bonsai Killer”
Andrew Mitchell, “Nosebleeds”

Ruth Foley, “The Circle of What I Can Control”
Eve Jones, Two Poems
Clayton Adam Clark, “The Noctambulists”
Allison Blevins, “How to Explain Fertility When an Acquaintance Asks Casually:”
Kim Welliver, “St Agatha Redecorates”
Jennifer Habel, Two Poems
Fay Dillof, Two Poems
Hannah Beresford, “This Is Not How I Know”
Jacob Sunderlin, “Hangover for Townes Van Zandt”

Salgado Maranhão, “Flight”
Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin

Translation Chapbook Feature
Salvatore Quasimodo, The Foreigner in Me
Translated from the Italian and Introduced by Julia Older
Abdourahman A. Waberi, The Path That Leads to the Source
Translated from the French and Introduced by Nancy Naomi Carlson

The 2017-2018 James Wright Poetry Award
     First Prize
Cammy Pedroja, “Ants Eating Poison”
John Sibley Williams, “The Detainee Is Granted One Wish”
Leila Chatti, “Deluge”
Anita Olivia Koester, “Cartography of a Labyrinth”
Cameron McGill, “Because I Did Not Die”

The 2017-2018 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
     First Prize
Sakinah Hoefler, “The Prophet, The Fixer”
Connor McNamara, “Grief”

What We’re Reading
They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us by Hanif Abdurraqib, reviewed by Nicholas Rys
Set to Music a Wildfire by Ruth Awad, reviewed by Suzanne Hodsden
Black Jesus and Other Superheroes by Venita Blackburn, reviewed by Kari Hanlin
ActivAmerica by Meagan Cass, reviewed by Katy Cesarotti
Darling Nova by Melissa Cundieff, reviewed by Annie Cigic
Street Calligraphy by Jim Daniels, reviewed by Dan Gualtieri
Dots & Dashes by Jehanne Dubrow, reviewed by Madelaine Pope
Should I Still Wish by John W. Evans, reviewed by Nathaniel Meals
Beast by Paul Kingsnorth, reviewed by Becca Orchard
Sky Country by Christine Kitano, reviewed by Anthony Lograsso
Run Away to the Yard by Lisa C. Krueger, reviewed by Abigail Cloud
Bridled by Amy Meng, reviewed by Hadeel Salameh
Brief Interviews with the Romantic Past by Kathryn Nuernberger, reviewed by Roseanna Boswell
Darwin’s Mother by Sarah Rose Nordgren, reviewed by Erin Carlyle
The Osiris Poems by Simon Perchik, reviewed by Remigius Ward Recchia
Square Inch Hours by Sherod Santos, reviewed by Madeline Grigg
Gatherest by Sasha Steensen, reviewed by Anna Short





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