Fall 2015: Issue 1
 Cover Art: Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Table of Contents

Alison Stagner  Three poems
John Beardsley  “Pastoral”
Kathleen McGookey Two Poems
Stephanie Rogers “Story”
Kyle Churney “In Chicago I Long for the Midwest”
Gabriel Welsch “When the Cows Come Home”
Kathryn Smith Two Poems
Nicholas Samaras “Aphasia”
Kathryn Nuernberger “In a Time of Drought”
A.E. Clark “Dear David”
Matt Morton “Pale Annual”
Cristina Dunig “Lesson”
Katherine Maurer “Feral”
Staci R. Schoenfeld “The Glass Girl Recalls Her Transformation”
Molly Beckwith “Self-Portrait as Fable”
Stephanie Lenox “Interview for Position of Mythological Hero”
Michael Hurley “The Barnum Interview”


Brandi Wells “Squilliputians”
Bryn Agnew “No Paper Cowboys”
Sam Martone “Night Watch at the House of Death”
Ruth Joffre “General, Mister, Horse, Cannon”
Heath Wilcock “Remember the Tour Guide Made of Bronze”


Beth Cooley  “Colleville-Montgomery”
Kimberly Hatfield “Nature and Interference”
Traci Brimhall “10 Signs the Dead Are Communicating with You”


Translation Chapbook
Rene Char  Two Poems  (Translated from the Lithuanian and Introduced by Rimas Uzgiris)


The 2015 Fineline Competition

First Prize
Lisa Mangini “If I Had a Rumspringa”

Runners Up
Lisa Mecham “Exposure”
Kimberly O’Connor from Ways to Die: Solar Flare
Brenda Peynado “The Bank”

Bree Barton The Last Gift”
Hannah Craig “Poinsettia”
Jackie Craven  “790 Terahertz”
Ori Fienberg “Our Hunger”
Marty McConnell “A dream about teeth is a dream about money”
Kelly Morse “Dar la luz”

The 2015 AWP Intro Journals Awards

Emily Skaja “Thank you When I’m an Axe”
Melissa Matthewson “A Gathering of Then & Now”

What We’re Reading

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