Spring 2015: 35th Anniversary Issue 2
 Cover Art: Gregory Euclide.

Table of Contents


C. Dylan Bassett from Reasons to Say I
Debbie Benson  Two Poems
Mia Ayumi Malhotra from Daughters of Sarkhan
Benjamin Landry “Mercies in the American Desert”
David Thacker  “A Fetus Dreams Her Father’s Brain is a Tenement”
Michelle Regalado Deatrick “Triptych: About Suffering”
C.C. Reid  “Killdeer”
Anna Claire Hodge  “Muck City”
Kimberly Driggers “Of Late”
Lana Austin “Walking the Manassas Battlefield, September 14, 2001”
Cindy Beebe Two Poems
Danny Caine “The Four Sons and One God-Forbid Future Daughter-In-Law”
Matthew Siegel [And sometimes I know I am having a feeling]
Jehanne Dubrow  “What We Talk About When We Talk About Deployment”
Sierra Golden Two Poems
Geetha Iyer “Honey After Oil”


David A. Watson  “The Vanishing Mr. Klein”
Kate Russell  “Pup”
D.J. Thielke “The Tattooed Lady”
Helen Chong Tan  “Tin Man”
Ryan Bollenbach “The Mattress Maker”
Laura Legge  “Syncope”


Allison Talbot “Incomplete Encyclopedia of Downeast Maine”
Sasha Khalifeh  A Conversation with MAR Editors, Past and Present

Translation Chapbook

Jacobo Fijman   Ghosts of Disjointed Music
Translated from the Spanish and Introduced by Marcelo Hernandez Castillo

The 2014-2015 Sherwood Anderson Award

Miles Harvey “Postcard from a Funeral, Cumberland, Maryland, October 16, 1975” – First Prize
Laura I. Miller “The Turnip Girl” -Runner Up

The 2014-2015 James Wright Poetry Award

Geetha Iyer “Mapping the Tongue” – First Prize
Keith Kopka  “Iki Dugno” – Runner Up

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