Volume XXXIV, Number 2
Spring 2014
Cover Art: Katherine Fishburn. Photographed by Mark Youngblood.


Table of Contents

Lesley Nneka Arimah – “War Stories”
Brian Costello – “Tracking the ‘Choose Life’ Balloons: Our Findings Thus Far”
Philip Jason – “Panacea”
James Warner – “Using the Word ‘Posterity’ in a Sentence”
Roger Sollenberger – “Close Enough to See”

Robert Segall – “May 4, 1970, Kent, Ohio”
Kate Rutledge Jaffe – “Coastal Again”
Melissa Cundieff-Pexa – “After the Stroke”
Mary-Alice Daniel – “Hagiography of a Pillar of Salt”
Ena Djordjevic – Two Poems
Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers – “Hinge”
Mary Ann Samyn – Three Poems
Anne Barngrover – Two Poems
Corrie Williamson – “While Picking Berries, I Recall the Childhood Practice of Tying June Bugs to Strings, Swinging Them Overhead like Balloons”
Max Schleicher – “Grape Picker’s Song”
Daniel Carter – Two Poems
Rosalie Moffett – Two Poems
James Henry Knippen – “Raspberries”
Jeannine Hall Gailey – “Every Human Is a Black Box”
Jeff Oaks – “At the End of the Street”
Estanislao Lopez – “The Politics of Rivers”
Carroll Beauvais – “Porch Light, Moonlight, or the Neighbor’s Bedroom”
Melissa Stephenson – “After Mating for Life”
Carrie Shipers – “How Sandbag Lives Up to His Name”
Lisa Ampleman – “Love-Scrawls”

Translation Chapbook
Carmen VĂ¡scones – “The Absolute Shattering on the Lips”
Translated From the Spanish by Alexis Levitin

Laura Madeline Wiseman – “From Russia with Love Melancholia”

The 2013-2014 James Wright Poetry Award
Winner: Jude Nutter – “The Shipping Forecast”
Runner-Up: Cate Lycurgus – “[It wasn’t a fast break]”
Carol V. Davis – “The Autopsy, a Love Poem”
Nate Liederbach – “Siege”
Janet Smith – “To Do List”

The 2013-2014 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
Winner: Gabriel Houck – “Hero’s Theater”
Runner-Up: Dana Fitz Gale – “Cousin”
Editor’s Choice: Courtney Craggett – “Kansas Before Oz”

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