Volume XXXIII, Number 2
Spring 2013
Cover Art: Derick Burleson


Table of Contents

Chris Drangle – “Spider Boy”
Donna Trump – “Vestiges”
Mollie Ficek – “The Harvest Queen”
Mark Brazaitis – “The Meet

Heather Madden – “Miss Prairie’s Etiquette Lessons”
CJ Evans – “Dressed in Weather”
Matthew Mahaney – Two Poems
Mario Chard – “Gallop”
Marianne Kunkel – “Boisterous”
Isaac Pressnell – Two Poems
Michael Levan – “Partial History of the Moon in Four Seasons”
Brian Simoneau – Two Poems
Tory Adkisson – “To Be Loved”
Erin Lyndal Martin – “Colony Collapse-Aristaeus”
Oliver Bendorf – “Extremophilia”
Gabriel Welsch- “Blessed Mother: A Quintet”
Joshua Diamond – Two Poems
Kerry Carnahan – “Mystai, Initiates”
Jill Osier – “Passerine”

Translation Chapbook
Helge Torvund – “360 Degrees of Stillness in the Circle”
Translated From the Norwegian by Jeanie Shaterian

B.J. Hollars – “Dispatches from the Drownings”
Emily Arnason Casey – “The World Is Lucky with Birds”

The 2012-13 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
Winner: Woody Skinner – “Things in Slow Motion”
Honorable Mention: Robert Long Foreman – “On Brian’s Dreams of Submarines”

The 2012-13 James Wright Poetry Award
Winner: Mark Wagenaar – “The Body Distances (Still Life with Everything in the World)”
Honorable Mention: Jennifer Luebbers – “Family History”
Finalist: Jennifer Luebbers – “Patriotics”
Finalist: Leslie Williams – “In the Second Half of Life”
Finalist: Marie Thurmer – “Tennessee State Prison, 1977”
Finalist: Sara Gelston – “One Story”

What We’re Reading
A Nearly Perfect Copy: A Novel by Allison Amend
The Frame Called Ruin by Hadara Bar-Nadav
In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods by Matt Bell
The Incurables by Mark Brazaitis
Red Army Red by Jehanne Dubrow
A Penance by CJ Evans
Little Murders Everywhere by Rebecca Morgan Frank
The Morrow Plots by Matthew Gavin Frank
The Lost Episodes of Revie Bryson by Bryan Furuness
Notes for a Praise Book by Jeff Hardin
Sightings by B.J. Hollars
Any Deadly Things by Roy Kesey
Inventing Constellations by Al Maginnes
Road Scatter by Sandra Meek
History of the Body by Melanie McCabe
This Is Not About Birds by Nick Ripatrazone
Tell Everyone I Said Hi by Chad Simpson
The Masked Demon by Mark Spencer
Inscriptions for Headstones by Matthew Vollmer
The Four Horsepersons of a Disappointing Apocalypse by Gabriel Welsch

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