Volume XXXIII, Number 1
Fall 2012
Cover Art: Derick Burleson


Table of Contents

Greg Nicholl – “Open House”
Janet McNally – Two Poems
Corey Zeller – Two Poems
Oliver de la Paz – Three Poems
Keith Leonard – Two Poems
Monika Zobel – “We Invent Symbols to Prepare Ourselves”
Kristin Robertson – “Loon”
Erin Elizabeth Smith – Two Poems
Susanna Mishler – “Beginner’s World”
Neil de la Flor and Maureen Seaton – “The Historical Apple”
Tania Runyan – “Lake Forest Oasis”
Benjamin S. Grossberg – Two Poems
Adam Clay – Two Poems
Eric Higgins – “Autobiography”
Kurt Olsson – Two Poems
Grey Held – “Rain”
Megan Moriarty – “Education”
Rachel Mennies – “The Sickness”
Kathleen Flenniken – “Herr Doktor”
Wendy Drexler – “Beetle”
Christopher Todd Matthews – “Mad Scientist in Love”

Jeremy Griffin – “Robo Warrior”
Anne-Marie Inge – “The Taste of Salt in an Open Wound”
Angela Buck – “Eight Trees”
Sean Adams – “Miraculously, He Escapes”
Thomas Cooper – “The Exorcist in Love”

The 2011-12 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
Winner: Kyle Mellen – “Lighting in You a Tremendous Fire”
Editors’ Choice: Todd Seabrook – “The Elf”

The 2011-12 James Wright Poetry Award
Winner: Sarah Rose Nordgren – “When You Are Dead”
Editors’ Choice: Jonathan Rice – Two Poems

Kelly Sundberg – “Indian Creek Solitaire”
Dennis James Sweeney – “My First Will and Testament: Words as Ameliorating Death”

Translation Chapbook
Jan Wagner – “A Music That Penetrates Bone”
Translated From the German by David Keplinger with Katharina Norden and Jan Wagner

AWP Intro Journals Awards
Mary Stone Dockery – “Autopsy of Me”
Diane Embry – “Molding”

2012 Fineline Competition
Winner: Diane Seuss – “I emptied my little wishing well of its emptiness”
Editors’ Choice: Heather Cox – Two Selections
Editors’ Choice: Richard Garcia – “The Expert”
Editors’ Choice: Lauren Jensen – “Neighbors”
Editors’ Choice: Alexandra Sadinoff – “Symmetry Majors”

50 Years Later: Revisiting the 1962 National Book Awards
Ryan Call – “Snowden’s Death: An Appreciation”
Roxanne Gay – “Sentimental Lies, Marvelous Creatures, Stiff Creams, and Velouté”
Alissa Nutting – “Rock ’n Roll Soothsayer: The Portended Ascent of the Fame Monster”
Charles Yu – “Transfiguration, Grokking, and Solaristics: A Trio of All-Timers from 1961”

What We’re Reading
The Map of the System of Human Knowledge by James Tadd Adcox
Cataclysm Baby by Matt Bell
Are You My Mother?: A Comic Drama by Alison Bechdel
A Vacation on the Island of Ex-Boyfriends by Stacy Bierlein
Blood and Milk: A Novel in Stories by W.D. Blackmon
Our Lady of the Ruins by Traci Brimhall
The Trouble With Rivers by Grant Clauser
Punchline by Nick Courtright
Fires of Our Choosing by Eugene Cross
Blue Sabine by Gerald Duff
Plume: Poems by Kathleen Flenniken
Sancta by Andrew Grace
Love, In Theory by E.J. Levy
The Girls of Peculiar by Catherine Pierce
Chinoiserie by Karen Rigby
A Thousand Vessels by Tania Runyan
No Animals We Could Name by Ted Sanders
Naked Summer by Andrew Scott
The Invisibles by Hugh Sheehy
May We Shed These Human Bodies by Amber Sparks
Litany for the City by Ryan Teitman
Your Father on the Train of Ghosts by G.C. Waldrep and John Gallaher

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