Volume XXXII, Numbers 1 & 2
Fall 2011-Spring 2012
Cover Art: Shawn Savage


Table of Contents

Brian Buckbee – “Yielding Readily to Pressure”
Jen Fawkes – “Tiny Bones”
Lance Olsen – “Why, When It Dreams Our World, the Lobster Is Not a Telephone”
Mary Miller – “He Says I Am a Little Oven”
Matt Mullins – Two Stories
Luke Andrew Geddes – “He’s a Rebel”
Dave Housley – “Rock Out, Mate”
Julie Lekstrom Himes – “13 Things I Know”
Chris Smith – “Release”
James P. Austin – “Mentors”
J. David Stevens – “So You Want to Be a Mujahid”

Meggie Monahan – “The Anonymous Old Woman to Jan Palach”
Geffrey Davis – “The Discipline of Waking Love”
Jane Wong – Three Poems
Corey Van Landingham – “Last Year at Marienbad”
Ace Boggess – “Potato Chip Sandwich”
Kara van de Graaf – Two Poems
Christa Romanosky – “Exotica”
Paul Lisson – “History”
Daniela Olszewska – “Mala Nostra”
Jeff Hardin – “Having Questioned the Difference Anything Makes”
Keith Montesano – “Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” Finally Collapses the Radio Waves”
Jehanne Dubrow – “Before Pleasure”
Kerri French – “Frankie Silver Awaits Execution”
Jesse DeLong – “Newton and the Law of Grave Eating”
Nora Hickey – Two Poems
Simone Muench – Three Poems
Sarah Green – “Four Leaves”
Mal Westcott – “Yes, the Starlings”
Brieghan Gardner – Two Poems
Cathy Carlisi – “Contained”
Barbara Daniels – “Men Working”
Camille-Yvette Welsch – Two Poems
Philip Memmer – “Psalm”

Hadara Bar-Nadav, Jacob Knabb, Kevin Prufer, James Englehardt, and John Gallaher – “Rising From the Cornfields: Literary Culture in the Midwest and the World”
Tom Lake – “Bessie Harvey’s Visions”

Translation Chapbook
Trine Ness – “A Name for the Dust That Rises,” Translated From the Norwegian by Rebecca Wadlinger
2011 Fineline Competition
Winner: Ashley Davidson, “Migrations”
Editor’s Choice: Arianne Beros, “Two Selections”
Editor’s Choice: Lori Brack, “Two Selections”
Editor’s Choice: Eric Burger, “Two Selections”
Editor’s Choice: Ori Fienberg, “Sidekicks”
Editor’s Choice: Stefanie Freele, “Removal of Oneself From Corporate Identity”
Editor’s Choice: Paula Stacey, “When the Men Have Left”
Editor’s Choice: Mark J. Thiel, “The Origin of Canines”

AWP Intro Journal Awards
Adam Price – “D-League”
D.M. Macormic – “God Reconsiders Egypt”

What We’re Reading
The Yellow House by Robin Behn
New Stories from the Midwest, edited by Jason Lee Brown and Jay Prefontaine
gone sane by Christal Rice Cooper
Body of a Dancer by Renee E. D’Aoust
Woodnote by Christine Deavel
From the Darkness Right Under Our Feet by Patrick Michael Finn
She Returns to the Floating World by Jeannine Hall Gailey
Now Trends by Karl Taro Greenfeld
Trophy by Michael Griffith
Darling Endangered by Carol Guess
My Only Wife by Jac Jemc
Words We Might One Day Say by Holly Karapetkova
Leaving the Atocha Station by Ben Lerner
Damnatio Memoraie by Michael Meyerhofer
hree Ways of the Saw by Matt Mullins
Our List of Solutions by Carrie Oeding
Out of Time by Geoff Schmidt
Kiss Me, Stranger by Ron Tanner
Shoe Up, Look Good by Mark Wisniewski

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