Volume XXXI, Number 2
Spring 2011
Cover Art: Nikkita Cohoon
Cover design by Nikkita Cohoon & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Mark Mayer “The Evasive Magnolio”
Kate Finlinson “Transliteration”
Matt Mullins”The Braid”
Ravi Mangla “Better Halves”
Brandi Wells “Contortionist Ballerina”
James Tadd Adcox “Divination”
Scott Onak Two Stories
Shannon Cain “I Love Bob”
Mathew Eck “The Many Inventions of Walt Whitman, Jr.”

Michael Robins Two poems
Michael Schmeltzer “Elegy/Ghost”
Mary Ann Samyn Three Poems
Kimberly Coutlier Green “For the Young Woman I Pass on the Beach”
Jennifer Militello Two poems
Carrie Meadows Two poems
Christopher Shannon “Aircrafting”
Sydney Lea Two Poems
Mark Wagenaar Two poems
Jim Daniels “Premature Aging”
Amy McInnus “Crab Spiders Have Eight Eyes”
Catherine Pierce “A Catalogue of My Desires From Age Sixteen to the Present”
Ashley E. Booth “Crush”
Claire McQuerry “Pearls”
David Starkey “MMI”
Joe Wilkins “Anyone who has eyes for seeing should see”
Ashley Danielle Ryle Two poems

M. Ann Hull “Sound is a wave of pressure”
Matt Forsythe “Rev. Blankesoor–Or, How I Scrapped the Semicolon and Learned to Love the Dash”
Lindsey Drager “Lament for a Dead Sister”

Featured Poet
Tarfia Faizulla “Words for Every Kind of Woman”

2010-11 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
Winner: Helen Klein Ross “Parrotfish”

2010-11 James Wright Poetry Award
Winner: Katie Umans “Forecast”
Editor’s Choice: Katie Umans “The Body Near the Paintings”
Editor’s Choice: Michele Battiste “In the House”
Editor’s Choice: Lauren Jensen “It’s as hard as so much is”
Editor’s Choice: Melanie McCabe “Beneath the Code”

Enrique Lihn “Dream and Variations”, Translated from the Spanish by Mary Crow
Guy Jean “If I were born in Florence”, Translated from the French by Katie Farris and Ilya Kaminsky
Juan Carlos Galeano “Leticia”, Translated from the Spanish by Jim Murphy

Translation Chapbook
Mira Kuś “Beneath an Avalanche of Waking”
Translated from the Polish by Karen Kovacik


What We’re Reading
Weather Stations by Ryan Call
You’d Be a Stranger, Too: Stories by Weston Cutter
Rendered Invisible: Stories of Blacks and Whites, Love and Death by Frank E. Dobson, Jr.
Here and Now by Stephen Dunn
Suspended Heart by Heather Fowler
The Great Frustration by Seth Fried
Busy Monsters by William Giraldi
Le Spleen de Poughkeepsie by Joshua Harmon
Volt by Alan Heathcock
Busy Monsters by William Giraldi
Pictures of Houses With Water Damage by Michael Hemmingson
The Language of Shedding Skin by Niki Herd.
Sightseer by Cynthia Marie Hoffman
Avatar by Evan Lavender-Smith
Remnants of Another Age by Nikola
Madzirov. House Inspections by Carsten Ren� Nielsen (translated by David Keplinger)
Prayer and Parable: Stories by Paul Maliszewski
Makeshift Instructions for Vigilant Girls by Erika Meitner
Lucky Fish by Aimee Nezhukumatathil
Damn Sure Right by Meg Pokrass
Simple Weight by Tania Runyan
Wait by Alison Stine
Historic Diary by Tony Trigilio
Look! Look! Feathers by Mike Young

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