Volume XXXI, Number 1
Fall 2010
Cover Art: Nikkita Cohoon
Cover design by Nikkita Cohoon & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Gabe Durham “Another Village”
Tara Laskowski “The Etiquette of Dementia”
Anthony R. Lusvardi “The Parable of Thunder the Hamster”
René Georg Vasicek “The Ministry of Laughter”
Kevin Wilson “Intergenerating”

Wendy Barker Two Poems
Erinn Batykefer “Spiderbaby”
Malachi Black Two Poems
Traci Brimhall Two Poems
Adam Day “The Kinghorse Butchertown Brawl”
James Doyle Two Poems
Virginia Heatter From Radio Nowhere—in Spring
Bob Hicok “Because ‘renting a stairway to heaven’ is expensive”
Josh Kalscheur “Dahli Cuts Into a Tuna”
Rebecca Lindenberg Two Poems
Paul Maliszewski “Night”
Meghan McClure “Everything is Heavy”
Matthew Minicucci “No Epithets”
Matthew Siegel Three Poems
Chris Tanseer “Poem for my Father, Who Has Less to Say Now”
Nick Vagnoni “Butter and Wool”
Joshua Marie Wilkinson “Fortnight’s Insignia”

Jeff Gundy “The Breath of the World”

The 2010 Fineline Competition
First Prize: Helen Klein Ross “Parrotfish”
Editor’s Choice: Helen Klein Ross “The Seahorse Husband”
Editor’s Choice: Eric Darby “End of an Era”
Editor’s Choice: Gerry LaFemina “Railroad Sunset”
Editor’s Choice: Michael Meyerhofer Two Selections
Editor’s Choice: Amy Newman Untitled
Editor’s Choice: Yael Schonfeld “Eggs into Olives”
Editor’s Choice: Diane Seuss “Brilliantly Alone”
Editor’s Choice: Eliot Khalil Wilson Two Selections

The 2010-2011 AWP Intro Journals Award
Stephen Krewson “Collegiate Bible Study”
Nicole Sheets “Why Burning Man Won’t Fix Your Shattered Self-Esteem”

Featured Poet
Cynthia Marie Hoffman “Now Whatever You Imagine Shall Be Conceived”

Robert Fernàndez Retamar “Juana”
Translated from the Spanish by Katherine M. Hedeen and Víctor Rodríguez Núñez

Translation Chapbook
Olvido García Valdés “Houses Surrounded by Scaffold”
Translated from the Spanish by Catherine Hammond

What We’re Reading
How They Were Found by Matt Bell
Machine of Death: A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Will Die
edited by Matthew Bennardo, David Malki, and Ryan North
Muted Lines From Someone Else’s Memory by Seth Berg
You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know by John Bradley
Citrus County by John Brandon
Bloom by Simmons B. Buntin
Extraordinary Renditions by Andrew Ervin
Strange Weather by Becky Hagenston
The Physics of Imaginary Objects by Tina May Hall
Temptation by Water by Diane Lockward
American Amen by Gary McDowell
Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls by Alissa Nutting
The Taste of Penny by Jeff Parker
The Wilding by Benjamin Percy
The Bird Sisters by Rebecca Rasmussen
Bummer: And Other Stories by Janice Shapiro
Sudden Fiction Latino: Short-Short Stories from the United States and Latin America edited by Robert Shapard, James Thomas, and Ray Gonzalez
Mister Skylight by Ed Skoog
The Personal History of Rachel DuPree by Ann Weisgarber
Currency by Zoe Zolbrod

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