Fall 2006
Cover Art: Gail Marcus Orlen:
The Passing of Time # 1

Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Colleen Curran “The Girl Who Drank Lye”
Jason Ockert “Piebald”
Todd James Pierce “The Yoshi Compound: A Story of Post-Waco Texas”
Rebecca Rasmussen “Partway”

Laurie Blauner “All Talk”
Melanie Carter “Songs”
Henrietta Goodman Chaussee “Ars Poetica”
Tenaya Darlington Two Poems
Mike Dockins “Counting Sheep”
Sean Thomas Dougherty Two Poems
Jack Martin Dialectic Apiarism
Rebecca Morgan Frank Two Poems
Betsy Johnson-Miller “Conversation With a Doe on County Road 135”
Elizabeth Knapp Three Poems
Melissa Koosmann “The Hangman’s Daughter”
Gerry LaFemina “The Hare”
Jack Martin “Dialectic Apiarism”
Shara McCallum “Dear History”
Bill Rasmovicz “Crows”
Leslie Shipman “The Great Sadness”
David Wagoner “The First Movie”
Patrick Whitfill “This Winter”
Laurie Zimmerman “Jairus’ Daughter”

Yasbel Fernandez-Acuna “Ghost Story”
Vishwas R. Gaitonde “The Graveyard of Doubt”
Pappi Thomas “The Right Floor”

The 2006 Fineline Competition
First Prize: Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis “Fish-Eye”
Editors’ Choice: Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis “Dear Rainer Maria Rilke,”
Editors’ Choice: Gary Leising “Dolphinese”
Editors’ Choice: J. Allyn Rosser “Quick Little Tête-á-Tête With My Soul at the Car Wash”
Editors’ Choice: Eliot Khalil Wilson “Chuck Norris

The 2006 Associated Writing Programs Intro Journals Award
Gavin Adair “Fire in the Streets”
Nancy Loewen “Harvest”

Translation Chapbook
Víctor Rodríguez Núñez “At the Point of Bursting”
Translated from the Spanish by Katherine M. Hedeen

Featured Poet
Paisley Rekdal “The Parable of Proteus”

Xue Di “Crows”
Translated from the Chinese by Wang Ping and Keith Waldrop

David Huerta “Machinery”
Translated from the Spanish by Nick Hill

What We’re Reading
Annus Mirabilis by Sally Bell
Girls in Peril by Karen Lee Boren
The Totality for Kids by Joshua Clover
Lives of Mapmakers by Alicia L. Conroy
The Burning of Troy by Richard Foerster
When All Is Said and Done by Robert Hill
Pieces of Air in the Epic by Brenda Hillman
Newsworld by Todd James Pierce
A Near-Perfect Gift by R.M. Kinder
Landscapes I and II by Lesle Lewis
Between Here and the Yellow Sea by Nic Pizzolatto
The Hanging in the Foaling Barn by Susan Starr Richards
A Little White Shadow by Mary Ruefle
Interstices by Laurelyn Whit

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