Fall 2005
Cover Art: Karin Stack:
Staring at Sea/Granite Cliff

Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Laura Kasischke “The Hart”
Joe Meno “Our Neck of The Woods”
Edith Pearlman “Mimi”
Michelle Richmond “Hospitality”
Jessica Roeder “Garden, After School”
Rusty W. Spell “Pops”

Ai “Deathbed Scenes”
Dan Albergotti “Lesson of the Elements: Earth”
Robyn Anspach “Offering”
Alison Apotheker “Comma”
Christopher Bakken “Portrait Detail, With Bat”
Teresa Ballard Two Poems
Robin Becker Two Poems
Rebecca Bednarz “Afterward”
Roy Bentley “Strange Privacies”
Paula Bohince “Mourning”
Rick Bursky Two Poems
Cathy Carlisi “Bloom”
Billy Collins Three Poems
Rebecca Dunham “Letter to My Love, on Autumn’s First Hard Frost”
Allison Funk “Camera Obscura”
Jay Hopler Two Poems
Susan Hutton “My List”
Dore Kiesselbach “Bird House”
Laurie Klein “Rainworms”
Quinn Latimer “Inexpert”
Sydney Lea Two Poems
Michael McGriff “Sudden Poem for the Last Hour of Winter”
Wesley McNair Three Poems
Erika Meitner “The Night Before the Wedding”
Phillip Memmer “The Magician’s Assistant”
Gregory Orr from Concerning the Book That Is the Body of the Beloved
Chad Prevost “Where My Love Goes”
Lee Ann Roripaugh “Temporary Things”
Hugh Steinberg Two Poems
Jennifer Tseng Two Poems
Kate Umans Two Poems
Camille-Yvette Welsch “Big Pussy”
Jody A. Zorgdrager “Legacy”

David Kirby “Like a Twin-Engine Bomber”
Arthur Saltzman “Watch This Space”

The 2005 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
First Prize: Valery Varble “Bat”
Editors’ Choice: Josh Goldfaden “Disorder Destroyers”
Editors’ Choice: M. Glenn Taylor “The Story of a Hateful Man”

The 2005 James Wright Poetry Award
First Prize: Amanda Auchter “Alfred Eistenstaedt Holding His VJ Day Negative With Two Hands, 1945”
Editors’ Choice: Teresa Ballard “What a Strange Machine”
Editors’ Choice: Shawn Fawson “Servant of the Inarticulate”
Editors’ Choice: Elton Glaser “Prayer From the Back Pew”
Editors’ Choice: Anna Journey “Elegy: After Filling Out Egg Donation Forms”

The 2005 Fineline Competition
First Prize: Jennifer Hodl Solomon “Ten Thousand Lovers”
Editors’ Choice: Ron Carlson “The Great Open-Mouth Anti-Sadness”
Editors’ Choice: Cherie Hunter Day “In Vivo”
Editors’ Choice: Charles Freeland “Deviled Ham and a Picture of Jesus”
Editors’ Choice: Siobhán Scarry “Walker Evans Meets His Subject (Grave, 1936)”
Editors’ Choice: Lynn Schmeidler “An Instinct for Survival”

The 2005 Associated Writing Programs Intro Journals Award
Renée E. D’Aoust “Graham Crackers”
Steven Good “In the Grocery”

Translation Chapbook
Eunice Odio “Harmonic Obligations”
Translated from the Spanish by Keith Ekiss, Sonia P. Ticas, and Mauricio Espinoza

Jorge Debravo “Bells” Translated from the Spanish by Ann Neelon

Eugenio Montejo Two Poems Translated from the Spanish by Kirk Nesset

Featured Poet
Tyehimba Jess “Nobody’s Slave”

What We’re Reading
Circle by Victoria Chang
The Maverick Room by Thomas Sayers Ellis
Chez Nous by Angie Estes
Burn by Sandra Meek
Forgetfulness by Michael Mejia
Other Electricities by Ander Monson
Fallen From a Chariot by Kevin Prufer
Book of the Unbroken Days by Philip Terman
This Day in History by Anthony Varallo

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