Spring 2005
Cover Art: Karin Stack:
Scenic Overlook (Joyce &Ruth)

Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Steve Almond Three Stories
Rebecca Barry “Men Shoot Things to Kill Them”
Jim Hilgartner “Beowulf in Hell”
Tom Noyes “Greeting Phantom”
Alison Shuette-Hoffman Two Stories
David Yost “Stealing Crème Brûlèe: A Test in Seven Parts”

Hadara Bar-Nadav Two Poems
Cynie Cory “Gee, My Life’s a Funny Thing”
Julia Delacroix “On a Long Enough Time Line”
Rhiannon Dickerson Two Poems
Jonathan Fink “Afterwards”
Albert Goldbarth Four Poems
Ellen Goldstein “The &Eactue;migré”
Carrie Grabo “At the End the Body Sharpens Like a Blade”
Kevin Griffith Two Poems
Jeff Gundy Two Poems
Ian Harris “On the Spread of Democracy”
Bob Hicok Three Poems
Michael Hudson “Drunk in Bed Reading a Magazine Article About Three-Toed Sloths”
Nick Lantz “The Last Words of Pancho Villa”
Sydney Lea “American Dream”
Brian Leary “Dare You to Eat His Goaty Balls”
John Mann Three Poems
Campbell McGrath Three Poems
Sandra Meek “Paralleling the Subject”
Mia Nussbaum “Notes for Chris, Who Fell Into a Hopper Book One Night in Chicago and Hasn’t Climbed Out”
Philip Pardi “Wintering”
Ricardo Pau-Llosa “Odds”
Lucia Perillo “For the Mad Cow in Tenino”
Mary Ann Samyn Three Poems
Zach Savich “Movie”
Lacy Schutz “To Which a Scoundrel Clings”
Allison Seay “Time of Need”
Elaine Sexton “Wraith”
D.H. Tracy “Of the Model Boaters”
Christina Veladota “On Dutch Ridge the Frogs”
Gabriel Welsch Three Poems

Debra Marquart “Great Falls, 1976”
Kyle Minor “Lay Me Down in the Blue Grass”
Steven L. Shepherd “My First Bra”

The 2005 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
First Prize: Valery Varble “Bat”
Editors’ Choice: Josh Goldfaden “Disorder Destroyers”
Editors’ Choice: M. Glenn Taylor “The Story of a Hateful Man”

The 2005 James Wright Poetry Award
First Prize: Amanda Auchter “Alfred Eistenstaedt Holding His VJ Day Negative With Two Hands, 1945”
Editors’ Choice: Teresa Ballard “What a Strange Machine”
Editors’ Choice: Shawn Fawson “Servant of the Inarticulate”
Editors’ Choice: Elton Glaser “Prayer From the Back Pew”
Editors’ Choice: Anna Journey “Elegy: After Filling Out Egg Donation Forms”

The 2005 Creative Nonfiction Award
irst Prize: Sue William Silverman “That Summer of War and Apricots”

Translation Chapbook
Kazuko Shimomura “When Indigo Opens the Door”
Translated from the Japanese by Naoshi Koriyama and Edward Lueders

Featured Poet
Denise Duhamel from “Help (in 47 Languages)”

What We’re Reading
Copy Cats by David Crouse
Before and After the Fall by Sándor Csoóri, translated by Len Roberts
Engravings Torn From Insomnia by Olga Orozco, translated by Mary Crow
My Sister’s Continent by Gina Frangello
The Longest Pregnancy by Melissa Fraterrigo
Green Squall by Jay Hopler
What Are You Afraid Of? By Michael Hyde
For Dust Thou Art by Timothy Liu
The Prisoner Pear: Stories from the Lake by Elissa Minor Rust
More Like Not Running Away by Paul Shepherd
Practice, Restraint by Laura Sims
The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre by Dominic Smith
Mexico is Missing and Other Stories by J. David Stevens
The Woman Who Never Cooked by Mary L. Tabor
Dirt and All Its Dense Labor by Gabriel Welsch

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