a25-2Spring 2005
The Unpublished Writers Issue
Cover Art:Wolff Bowden:
Night Spiders


Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski
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Table of Contents

Kyla Carter “Dirt”
Malia E. Collins “Lovers Returned, Guaranteed”
Tom Fleischmann “At the Funeral of Christopher James Honeycut
a.k.a. Stiltso, the World’s Tallest Man”
Laura Hendrix “The Drowning Season”
Angelina Mirabella “That¹s What You Get”

Stephanie Balzer Three Poems
Emily E. Bright “After Vincent Van Gogh Died, His Letters
to His Brother Kept Arriving for Some Time”
Amy Clark “Ravenous”
Cindy Clem “Blond Joke”
Sara Cooper “How Us?”
Susan Cronin Two Poems
Robin Dare “Echo”
Joe DeLong “You¹d Have to Get Up Pretty Early”
Clare Drobot “Blink Twice for Yes”
Nava EtShalom Two Poems
Lorilee Evans-Lynn “Answering Pablo Neruda”
John Findura “What Do We Know?”
Patricia Glover “Flight”
Joanna Ialuna “The Visit”
Jessica Johnson Two Poems
K. Keener “Edible Packages”
Michael Kocinski “June for Right Now”
Jedd McFatter Two Poems
Ann McKinley “During the Divorce”
Regina McMorris “What Love Has Become”
Chris Million “Mississippi”
Marcus Myers “There will come a moment when the city stops”
Christina Olson “I Keep Goldfish ”
Laura Quek “On Seventy Times Seven”
Valerie Reed “Epiphany”
Dan Rosenberg “Again With You”
Wendy Scofield “Motion/Silence”
Yael Shinar “The Living”
Jason Skipper “Cigarette”
Elizabeth Smucker “East of Mending”
Laura Sommers “What the Possum Knows About Dying”
Jen Town “Carnival”
Patrick Scott Vickers “Overnight in November”
Jennifer Whitaker “Understanding Harvest”
Christine Whitney Two Poems

Fritz Swanson “The Invisible Girl”

The 2004 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
First Prize: Charles Yu “Class Three Superhero”
Editors’ Choice: J.D. Chapman “Amanuensis”

The 2004 James Wright Poetry Award
First Prize: Nancy Taylor Everett “Glossolalia”
Editors’ Choice: John Pursley III “Through the Slats of a Hay Truck”
Editors’ Choice: Maggie Smith “Ohio”

The 2004 Creative Nonfiction Award
First Prize: Joseph Murtagh “To Noah Daniel Kooperman”
Editors’ Choice: Jerry D. Mathes II “An Absence of Motion”
Editors’ Choice: Brenda Miller “Virtuoso”

Featured Poet
Carl Adamshick “The Ingrown Room” (Six Poems)

What We’re ReadingBooks by First Time Authors
The Green Age of Asher Witherow by M. Allen Cunningham
The Circus in Winter by Cathy Day
Rhinoceros by Kevin Ducey
Matadora by Sarah Gambito
Autopsy of an Engine and Other Stories From the Cadillac Plant by Lolita Hernandez
In a Combination of Practices by Barbara Maloutas
Let’s Do by Rebecca Meacham
The Optimist by Joshua Mehigan
Instrumentality by Ravi Shankar
The Send-Away Girl by Barbara Sutton

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