Volume XXIX, Number 2
Spring 2009
Cover Art: Judith Vierow:
Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Elisabeth Benjamin “Two”
Alissa Nutting “Garla”
Micah Riecker “History Lesson”
Laura van den Berg “Something Thrilling and Heroic and Strange”

Colette LaBouff Atkinson Two Poems
Laurie Blauner Three Poems
Trey Conatser “Goldilocks”
Karin Gottshall Two Poems
Shara Lessley “Genealogical Survey Across Several Counties”
Sandra Meek “Clearing the House”
Joshua Rivkin Two Poems
Brian Russell Three Poems
J.D. Schraffenberger “Relocation”
Katherine Soniat “A History of Religion”
Dorinda Wegener “Noun : Adjective : Idiom : Verb”
Gabriel Welsch Three Poems
Mike White Two Poems
Sarah Wolfson “Namer of Lakes”

Richard Katrovas “A Brief History of My Heart”

Featured Poet
Tim Lockridge “Survival Tips for a Parallel Universe”

The 2008-2009 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
First Prize: Michael Stearns “Paint Boy”

The 2008-2009 James Wright Poetry Award
First Prize: Joshua Robbins “Against Forgiveness”
Editors’ Choice: Lillian Bertram “Account of the Apparitions”
Editors’ Choice: Katherine Bode-Lang “When the Weather Fails Us”
Editors’ Choice: Hannah Gamble “For I Will Consider My Houseplant Magda”
Editors’ Choice: L. McKee “A Finite Piece of Furniture-Sized Light”
Editors’ Choice: Gigi Thibodeau “Ouija Board Rules”

The 2008-2009 Creative Nonfiction Award
First Prize: Josie Milliken “Safe as Houses”
Editors’ Choice: Carrie Seymour “Strands”
Editors’ Choice: Michael Stearns “White Sheep”

Translation Chapbook
Alfonsina Storni “To Oppose the Basalt Rhetoric”
Translated From the Spanish by Orlando Ricardo Menes

What We’re Reading
Women Up on Blocks: Stories by Mary Akers
American Salvage by Bonnie Jo Campbell
Ka-Ching! by Denise Duhamel
Map of the Folded World by John Gallaher
American Fractal by Timothy Green
Tinderbox Lawn: Prose Poems by Carol Guess
The MS of My Kin by Janet Holmes
Again by Lynne Knight
How to Hold a Woman by Billy Lombardo
Biogeography by Sandra Meek
Life Goes to the Movies by Peter Selgin
Hog to Hog by Jack Smith
Ohio Violence by Alison Stine
Do Not Deny Me: Stories by Jean Thompson
Self-Portrait with Crayon by Allison Benis White

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