Volume XXIX, Number 1
Fall 2008
Cover Art: Judith Vierow:
The Fridge
Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Matthew Eck”Ward No. 6?”
Becky Hagenston “Anthony”
Baird Harper “Two-Twenty-Two”
Sumanth Prabhaker “Girl With Two Hearts”

Dan Albergotti “What Everyone Knows”
Kate Angus Two Poems
Rane Arroyo “The Buried Sea”
Valerie Bandura Two Poems
Sean Bishop Two Poems
Karina Borowicz Two Poems
Traci Brimhall “The Light in the Basement”
Tom Christopher “Home Begins With a Voyage on a Swan Boat”
Paul Dickey “Delivering to the Client”
Rita Dove Three Poems
Sally Fisher “Drowning the Half-Dead Goldfish in Air”
Timothy Green Two Poems
Jason Olsen Two Poems
Matt Rasmussen Two Poems
Alison Stine Two Poems

Sue Allison “Taking a Reading”
Jim Dameron “In Praise of Bad Reception”
Ryan L. Futrell “Peacock”
Jay Kauffmann “Sumo”

The 2008 Fineline Competition
First Prize: Ryan Teitman “The Cabinet of Things Swallowed”
Editor’s Choice: J.L. Conrad “Meanwhile”
Editor’s Choice: Alan Michael Parker Two Selections
Editor’s Choice: David M. Thomas “Rapture”
Editor’s Choice: Anthony Varallo “The Pinball Speaks”
Editor’s Choice: Joe Wilkins “William T. Phillips”

The 2007-2008 AWP Intro Journals Award
Jenny Linscott “Monsters of South Dakota”
Aaron Rudolph “Unrecorded”

Madeleine Gagnon “Contemplate and Study”
Translated from the French by Andrea Moorhead

Translation Chapbook
Carlo Betocchi “Stumbling Into Divinity”
Translated from the Italian by Ned Condini

What We’re Reading
Things That Pass for Love by Allison Amend
Red Sugar by Jan Beatty
The Half-Known World: On Writing Fiction by Robert Boswell
Mister Martini by Richard Carr
The Last Predicta by Chad Davidson
Threat of Pleasure by Philip Memmer
In the Devil’s Territory by Kyle Minor
Waiting for a Warm Body to Fill It by Kelly Moffett
Meditations on Rising and Falling by Philip Pardi
All Odd and Splendid by Hida Raz
Causeway by Elaine Sexton
Vacation by Deb Olen Unferth
Out Loud by Anthony Varallo
Tunneling to the Center of the Earth by Kevin Wilson
Wifeshopping by Steven Wingate

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