Spring 2004
Cover Art:Thomas Antonelli:
Tuscan Spring

Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Wendy Rawlings “Portrait of My Mother’s Head on a Plate”
J. David Stevens “The Joke”
Mia Taylor “Out There”
Gabriel Welsch “Reclaiming Devlin”
Melanie Westerberg “Watermark”
Scott Bryan Wilson “Dead Giant Elephant”

Pippa Coulter Abston “Saint Macula””
Bridgette Bates Two Poems
Robin Behn “The Other Muse”
Sharla Benedict “The Idea That Created the Universe”
Rafael Campo Two Poems
Tom Christopher “Captain’s Down”
Stephen Corey “Overlay”
Conchitina R. Cruz “Geography Lesson”
Carol Ann Davis “Cenotaph”
Carl Dennis “Salvage”
Patricia Fargnoli “Duties of the Spirit”
Kathleen Flenniken “Natural History”
Frank X. Gaspar “The Angel’s Hand”
James Haug “5.1”
Janet Holmes “Dark Bar”
Hoag Holmgren “Sounding”
Melanie Kenny “Harvest”
Laurie Clements Lambeth “In a Field Distractions Rise”
Sara London “The Odds”
Rachel Losh “A Brief History of Time”
Dionisio D. Martinez “Stained glass keeps you from what is holy”
Jeffrey McDaniel “The Emotional Warrior Handbook”
Timothy O’Keefe “On the Corner of Independence and 6th Street NE”
Alan Michael Parker Two Poems
Anthony Robinson “When You Arrive”
Sun Young Shin “Economic Miracles”
Sam Taylor “Accident”
Sean Whalen “Departure, Arrival”
Anna Ziegler “The Cow”

Dinty W. Moore “Apparently, Good Men Are Still Hard to Find”
Robert Vivian “Death of a Shortstop”

The 2003 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
Michael Guerra “Taco Night at the Jon Neimelmeier Memorial Drive-In”
Editors’ Choice: Michael Davis “Death and Texas”
Editors’ Choice: Andrew J. Wilson “Victor in the Club”

The 2003 James Wright Poetry Award
Andy Stallings “Elegy With the Striking of a Single Note on Piano”
Editors’ Choice: Kathleen Balma “An Amnesiac’s Letter to Herself”

The 2003 Creative Nonfiction Award
Debra Marquart “Agricultural Mysticism: Twenty Fragments on Desire”
Editors’ Choice: Laurie Clements Lambeth “Fluid on the Brain”

Feng Zhi “Sonnet 2”
Translated From the Chinese byTony Barnstone and Chou Ping

What We’re Reading
Trembling Air by Michelle Boisseau
I Sailed With Magellan by Stuart Dybek
Insomnia Diary by Bob Hicok
Turning Bones by Lee Martin
The Wind, Master Cherry, The Wind by Larissa Szporluk
Barbaric Mercies by Gaylord Brewer
Republic Sublime by Christopher Cessac
I Looked Alive by Gary Lutz
Inventory at the All-Night Drugstore by Erika Meitner
Love Song With Motor Vehicles by Alan Michael Parker
A Bed of Nails by Ron Tanner
The Alibi Cafe and Other Stories by Mary Troy
Hammer by Mark Turpin

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