Fall 2003
Cover Art:Thomas Antonelli:
Tuscan Road

Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Steve Almond “Cornucopia”
Brian Buckbee “Villager”
Kim Edwards “Thirst”
Beaty Reynolds “Junkyard People”

Dan Albergotti “Thumbs”
Jenny Bitner “Dear Lover”
D.S. Butterworth “Kentucky Song”
Billy Cannon “The Mechanic”
Beth Cooley “Nesting”
Stephen Cramer “Satin”
Melanie Figg “One Way Lonliness Falls”
Richard Foerster “Cowrie”
John Glowney “Word of the Cure”
Bob Hicok “Cruel and Unusual”
Timothy Liu “Speak to the Hand”
Molly McQuade “Morning Glories”
Erika Meitner “P.S. 221 Goes to the Museum of Natural History”
Megan Newell from The Book of Common Prayer
Philip Pardi Three Poems
Lacy Schutz “Five Poems on the Fertilizing Word”
Patricia Staton “Walking After Dinner”
Coleman Stevenson from “The Flowerwaterers”
Virgil Suarez “Pegged”

Kevin Dobbs “Voyeur”

The 2003 Fineline Competition
First Place: Christopher Cokinos “Blue False Indigo”
Editors’ Choices: Sarah Perrier “Rattle Bones”
Siobhan Scarry “By Water”
Margot Singer “As Dawn Splits”
Chad Woody “The Ringing Payphone”

The 2003 Associaton of Writing Programs Intro Journals Award
Matthew Purdy “Yard Work”
Jenny Spinner “Block Island, 1998”
Catherine Pierce “Retribution”
Lucie Lehmann Snodgrass “Ohma”

Translation Chapbook
Amelia Rosselli In the Suburbs of Illusion
Translated from the Italian by Jennifer Scappettone

Wislawa Szymborska Three Poems
Translated from the Polish by Justyna Kostowska

What We’re Reading
Local Visitations by Stephen Dunn
Double Exposure by Sarah Kennedy
Acts of Love on Indigo Road by Jonis Agee
Call Me Ishmal Tonight by Agha Shahid Al
Early Occult Memory Systems of the Lower Midwest: Poems by B.H. Fairchild
Blind Huber by Nick Flynn
Blue Hour: Poems by Carolyn Forche
The Greyhound God by Keith Lee Morris
The Australia Stories by Todd James Pierce
Selected Dreams from the Animal Kingdom by Judith Taylor
The Saint of Letting Small Fish Go by Eliot Khalil Wilson

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