a23-2Spring 2003
Ohio Bicentennial Issue
Cover Art: Mr. Atomic (Mark Kersey):
Blackbird Way


Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski

There are very few copies of this issue left in stock.

Table of Contents

Nin Andrews Two Stories
Dan Chaon “Thinking of You In Your Time of Sorrow”
Anthony Doerr “Starfish”
P. Genesius Durica “Dutiful Record-Keepers All”
Polley Eileen Farquhar “Revisionist”
Mary Grimm “The Queen of Hell”
Jack Matthews “The Walnut Tree”
Robert Olmstead “You Have To Die Somewhere”
Elwood Reid “Dog Star”
Darrell Spencer from The Devil, You Say

Pamela Alexander “Lightfall”
Rane Arroyo “Brief Visits With Victor”
David Baker “White Violets and Coal Mine”
Don Bogen “A Ghost”
Daniel Bourne “Definition”
Gaylord Brewer “Ode to Particular Roses”
Neil Carpathos “Love Poem”
David Citino “A Religious History of Hands”
Martha Collins “That Sadness”
Jesseca Cornelson “Narcissus as a Frog”
Julie Danho “Erased de Kooning”
Rita Dove “Driving Through”
Cathryn Essinger “Stalking the Wild Fettuccine”
Angie Estes “Natural History”
Robert Fox “Traveler Returns in a Dream”
Timothy Geiger “Aquamarine”
William Greenway Two Poems
Kevin Griffith Two Poems
Benjamin Grossberg “Antonio Remebers Sebastian”
Jeff Gundy “Instructions for the Night Walk”
Richard Hague Two Poems
John Kinsella Two Poems
Susanna Lamey “From Sleep, I See Past the Apocalypse”
Martin Lammon “Back Roads”
Cate Marvin Two Poems
Ted Mathys “Mekon, Mohican”
Janet McAdams “What she will sing to you”
Philip Memmer “Cups”
Scott MInar “Nothing”
Aimee Nezhukumatathil “World of the Ice Giants”
Mary Oliver “The Rain Begins Before I Reach Pasture Pond”
Catherine Pierce Three Poems
Kevin Prufer Two Poems
Jean Reinhold “Before the Divorce”
Margot Schilpp “Poem in Which I Figure Out How Things Work”
Zachary Schomburg Two Poems
Ruth L. Schwartz “Letter from Ellis Pond”
Nathaniel Scott “Fallingwater”
Matt Shears “_____”
Alison Stine “Moon Lake Electric”
Ann Townshend “Matters of Beauty”
Christina Veladota “Today Is Unusually Nothing Like Yesterday”
Charles Wyatt “Landscapes Under Stones”
Karen Zealand “Not Your Blessed Mother Blue”

Joan Connor “Forsaken Places”
Elizabeth Dodd “Prospect”
William Greenway “Foundlings: The Parents of the Writer,
The Writer of the Parents”
Naton Leslie “On The Tracks”
Lee Martin “Never Thirteen”
Sheila Schwartz “Dolls”

The 2002 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
First Prize: Gina Oschner “Hidden Lives of Lakes”
Editor’s Choice: Leland Malkus “When the Wind Stopped Blowing in the Town of Saudade”
Editor’s Choice: Alexander Parsons “Thunderbird”

The 2002 James Wright Poetry Award
First Prize: Mary Ann Samyn “Under It”
Editor’s Choice: Sandra Meek “On the Modification of Clouds”

Translation Chapbook
Bronislaw Maj Here At The End of My Hands
Translated From the Polish by Daniel Bourne

What We’re Reading: Ohio Authors and Ohio Presses
The Master of Monterey by Lawrence Coates
The Frog King by Adam Davies
Prospect: Journeys and Landscapes by Elizabeth Dodd
Voice-Over by Angie Estes
The Charm by Kathy Fagan
Amber Necklace from Gdansk by Linda Nemec Foster
I Have My Own Song for It: Modern Poems of Ohio edited by Elton Glaser and William Greenway
The Dog of Memory: A Family Album of Secrets and Silences by Alvin Greenberg
Mortal, Everlasting by Jeffrey Levine
The Complete Poems of Howard McCord by Howard McCord
Miracle Fruit by Aimee Nezhukumatathil
What Do We Know: Poems and Prose Poems by Mary Oliver
Mechanical Cluster by Patty Seyburn
Bluehart by Dennis Vickers
The Secret of Hurricanes by Theresa Williams

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