Fall 2002
Cover Art: Mr. Atomic (Michael Kersey):
The Idaho Twins

Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Jessica Anthony “The Rust Preventer”
Michael Davis “Dreaming the Hyena”
Richard Lange “Long Lost”
Geoff Wyss “In This Procedure”

Sean Thomas Dougherty “Snowglobe”
Albert Garcia “The day I was born”
Timothy Geiger “Arachnophobia”
Linda Gregg Two Poems
Joshua Harmon “Proceedings of Mid-November”
David Kirby “A Man Like You But Older”
Sandra Kohler “Summer”
Robert Krut “Stare”
Lance Larsen Two Poems
Richard Lehnert “Straight Man”
Jan Heller Levi “This Is Not a Question Specific to the Netherlands”
Amy Mitchell “The Bird-Watcher’s Guide to This”
Kate Moos “What the Saints Have Taught Us”
Dan Salontai “Womanography”
Matt Shears “drive”
Stephanie Strickland “Imagination”
Mark Sullivan “Reserve Heads”
Miles Waggener “Quail”
BJ Ward “Another Poem on the Death of the Dog”
Gabriel Welsch “Considering Linnaeus (1707-78)”
Phil West “Your Swimmer at the Bully of Discos”
Eliot Khalil Wilson “Meteoric Rise: A Consolation”
Mark Yakich “Stone Fruit”

The 2002 Fineline Competition
First Place: Maggie Smith “Unclassified Stars”
Editors’ Choices: Wayne Johns “The Multiverse”
Patricia Vigderman “Eggs”
Chad Woody “The Wood-Stove”

The 2002 Associated Writing Programs Intro Journals Award
Dan Kaplan “Bill’s Formal Complaint”
Jennifer Kocher “Our Words”
Sara Pritchard “The Piano”
Rita Mae Reese “The American on His First Honeymoon”

Translation Chapbook
Carsten Rene Nielsen The World Cut Out With Crooked Scissors
Translated From the Danish by David Keplinger and the Author

Georges Godeau “Animals”
Translated From the French by Kathleen McGookey

What We’re Reading
Emporium by Adam Johnson
Disappearing Ingenue: The Misadventures of Eleanor Stoddard by Melissa Pritchard
The Metal Shredders by Nancy Zafris
My Life in Heavy Metal by Steve Almond
Open House by Beth Ann Fennelly
Apparition Hill by Mary Ruefle
When There Is No Shore by Vivian Shipley

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