Spring 2002
Cover Art: Rick Wede:
People’s Park no. 4 

Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Bonnie Jo Campbell “The Sisters of Cornburg”
Keith Loren Carter “Bouncing”
Ed Skoog “Sister City”
J. David Stevens “The Postman”
Gabriel Welsch “The Visions of Edwin Miller”

Michael Atkinson “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll”
Amy Benson Two Poems
Sigman Byrd “Etude”
Neil Carpathios “Kindergarten Open House, Observing Art”
Christopher Cessac “Huck Finn in Cairo”
Lisa Coffman “Calf”
Melanie Crow “Equinox”
Camille T. Dungy Two Poems
Finley Evans “Thanksgiving”
Paul Guest “The Pyromaniac’s Eulogy”
Jeff Hardin “The Babe”
Bob Hicok Two Poems
Michael Hudson “Insomnia on Wednesday and the Realization That Life Is Utterly Meaningless”
Jarret Keene “Leonardo’s Flying Machines” Patricia McMillen “Up From Down”
Wesley McNair Two Poems
George Murray “An Egyptian Soldier on the Red Sea Swims Away From Moses”
Kirk Nesset “Contingency”
Greg Pape “On the Job”
Mary Quade “Epitaph”
A.E. Stallings “Aegean Story”
Virgil Suarez “Sensor Lights” Charles Harper Webb Two Poems

Ben Miller “Designs”

The 2001 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
Dominic Smith “The Hazelbrook Herald”
Editor’s Choice: Gina Ochsner “The Last Words of the Mynah Bird”

The 2001 James Wright PoetryAward
Lia Purpura “Sudden House”
Editor’s Choice: Kate Gray “On September 12, I Can’t Stop”

Translation Chapbook
Carsten Rene Nielsen The World Cut Out With Crooked Scissors
Translated From the Danish by David Keplinger and the Author

Georges Godeau “Animals”
Translated From the French by Kathleen McGookey

What We’re Reading
Changeable Thunder by David Baker
Halls of Fame by John D’Agata
Electric Light by Seamus Heaney
Animal Soul by Bob Hicok
Archaic Smile by A.E. Stallings
Domestic Work by Natasha Trethewey
Servants of the Map by Andrea Barrett
Horizon Note by Robin Behn
The Devil’s Larder by Jim Crace
Whatever Shines by Kathleen McGookey
A Fine Place by Nicholas Montemarano
In the Knees of the Gods by Trish Reeves
Fox by Adrienne Rich
The Land of Bliss by Cathy Song
Self and Simulacra by Liz Waldner
Manderley by Rebecca Wolff

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