Fall 2001
Cover Art: Rick Wede:
Network No. 12

Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Steve Almond “Da Birds and Da Bees”
Aimee Bender “Fruit and Words”
David Borofka “(The) Only Lie”
Lisa Swanstrom “Lower Back Pain”

Noah Blaustein “Astral Tryst With a Socialist Revolt and Several Lines From Apollinaire”
Julianne Buchsbaum “Iowa River”
Denise Duhamel “You’re What?!”
Jamey Dunham “Autumn Comes to Sugar Creek”
Karin Gottshall “The Ghost”
Christopher Janke Two Poems
David Keplinger “Fable for Jarda”
Sylvia Legris “Nerve-Storms”
Amy S. F. Lutz “Expiration”
Michael David Madonick “Gazelle”
James John Marshall “Love and Two (2) Trains”
Matt Mason “Mistranslating Neruda”
Eric Nelson Two Poems
Linda Pastan “Redundancy”
Kevin Prufer “For the Unfortunates”
Maura Stanton “Translating”

Steve Fellner “Ten Anecdotes About the Destruction of Books”
Sheryl St. Germain “Communion”

The 2001 Fineline Competition
First Place: Catherine Kasper “Etymology of Ytterbium”
Editors’ Choices: Alex Green Two Selections
Catherine Kasper “J’Abab’s Cosmic Gown”
Aimee Nezhukumatathil “Gulabjamoon Jar”
Lisa Pearson “Paradise Is Not Useless
Though No One Lives There Now (hortus deliciarum)”
David Shumate “Hero”

The 2001 Associated Writing Programs Intro Journals Award
Chris Dombrowski “Larry Levis’ Motel Room”
Jonas Lerman “The First Poem You Wrote”
Anthony Varallo “The Summer He Was Seven”
Betsy Wharton “The Rabbi’s Garage”

Translation Chapbook
Sergey Gandlevsky Pillars of Salt: An Essay and Poems
Translated from the Russian by Philip Metres

Sándor Kányádi “Copy”
Translated from the Hungarian by Paul Sohar

What We’re Reading
Star Apocrypha by Christopher Buckley
Among the Missing by Dan Chaon
Still Life With Oysters and Lemon by Mark Doty
Given Ground by Ann Pancake
Head by William Tester

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