Fall 2000
Cover Art: Daniel Merriam:

Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Tatiana de la Tierra “Sebastian”
Diane Greene”Mechanized Orchard”
Beth Konkoski “Field Burning”
Paul Maliszewski Three Stories
Ann Pancake “Jolo”
Melanie Rae Thon “First Winter”

Darrell Bourque “Giotto’s Angels”
Gaylord Brewer “Our New Calendar”
W.E. Butts “Cobalt”
Nancy Cherry “Triptych”
Stephanie Dickinson “Super 80, 1946”
Gary Fincke “Otherwise Healthy”
William Greenway “Presto”
James Grinwis “Bar Flies”
Bob Hicok Two Poems
Kathleen McGookey “Apology”
Jennifer Militello “After Days Not Found”
Carl Phillips Two Poems–
“To the Tune of a Small, Repeatable,
and Passing Kindness”—chosen for The Pushcart Prize:
Best of the Small Presses, v. XXIII

James Sallis Two Poems
Melanie Rae Thon “On Drowning”
Sarah Townsend “A Morning Full of Crows”

Stephen Dunn “Degrees of Fidelity”

The 2000 Associated Writing Programs Intro Journals Award
Brian Leung “Kinesiology of the Closet”
E.J. Levy “Supernatural Powers”
Kelly Jo Pagnac “Hair”
Hugo Rodriguez “The Onion”

Translation Chapbook
Javier Campos A Lonesome House Circling the Moon
Translated by W. Nick Hill

Reinhold Batberger “C’e Non C’e”
Translated by Susan Bernofsky, Linda DeMeritt, and Victor James Northrupp
Takamura Kotaro “A Winter Morning Awakens”
Translated by John Peters

What We’re Reading
Blessing the Boats: New and Selected Poems 1988-2000 by Lucille Clifton
Walking Liberty by James Haug
The Realm of Secondhand Souls by Sandra Shea

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