Fall 1999/Spring 2000
Cover Art: Lucia Maya:
Luna Para Encender La Manana

Cover design by Mark Daley & Michael Czyzniejewski

Table of Contents

Dan Chaon “Sophomore, 19, Is School Year’s First Fatality”
Bernard Cooper “X”
Mark Costello from Murphy’s New Bethany Blues
Karen Heuler “The Snakes of Central Park”
Jennifer Lee “Beelzebub: A Family History”
Janice Levy “Walking a Straight Line Don’t Give You Balance”
Nicholas Montemareno “In All These Ways”
Daniel Orozco “Temporary Stories”
Pamela Painter Two Stories
J. David Stevens Two Stories
Ron Tanner “You’re a Sergeant”

Dick Allen Two Poems
Daniel Bourne “Small Arms”
Christopher Buckley “Photograph of Myself-Monastery of Monte Toro, Menorca, elv. 1,162 ft”
David Citino “Models Auction Their Eggs on the Web”
Stuart Dybek Two Poems
Angie Estes “Objects May Be Closer Than They Appear”
Kathy Fagan “Dancing with Adam”
Doug Flaherty Two Poems
Richard Foerster Two Poems
Richard Garcia “Vernon”
Elton Glaser “The Youngstown Breakfast Show”
Elizabeth Gold “Bat in the Hall”
Albert Goldbarth Three Poems
Michael Hudson “The Occult Throughout the Week Before Her Birthday”
Richard Jackson “Benediction”
Tom Jamieson “Corporeal”
Allison Joseph “David Duke Reforms”
Philip Levine Three Poems
Timothy Liu Three Poems
Michael David Madonick Two Poems
Sandra Meek Two Poems
Cindy Moore “Interpretations”
Lia Purpura “Love Letter from Equilibrium”
Floyd Skloot “The Island”
Virgil Suarez Two Poems
James Tate Two Poems
Liz Waldner “Birthday, New Hampshire, 1994”

The 1999 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
First Place: Nancy Beaulieu “Venus de Milo”

The 1999 James Wright Poetry Award
First Place: Roy Jacobstein “Swale”
Editors’ Choice: Ryan G. Van Cleave “El Autobus, or Ode Without Lament”

The 1999 Associated Writing Programs Intro Journals Award
Justin Maxwell “Nostalgia”
Denzil R. Pugh “The Great Sleepers”
Deena Rosen “Coyote”
Lois Wolfe “Bawling Song”

Translation Chapbook
Sandor Csoori Waiting and Incurable Wounds
Translated by Len Roberts and Maria Szende

Egito Goncalves from “Love Letter: Untitled”
Translated by Alexis Levitin

What We’re Reading
Welding with Children by Tim Gautreaux
Who’s Irish? by Gish Jen
The Surface of Last Scatterings by Gray Jacobik
A Werewolf Problem in Central Russia and Other Stories by Victor Pelevin
My People’s Waltz by Dale Ray Phillips

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