a18-2Spring 1998
Cover Art: Monica Edgerton-Sperry:
Recollections of Sea Child: Experiencing Life and Death


Cover design by Alan Heathcock

Table of Contents

Jason Frowley “Language”
Bret Anthony Johnston “Medicine”
Michael Martone “The Four Sides of a Triangle: Proof”
Mary O’Connell “Saint Martha”
Gale Walden “Angle of Incidence”
David Foster Wallace “Self-Harm as a Sort of Offering”

Michael Atkinson “John Garfield and the Blue Rose of Young America, Minnesota”
Patricia Bagato “The Need for a Used City”
David Citino “8”
William Virgil Davis “The Inkblot”
Albert Goldbarth Four Poems
Kevin Griffith “Michigan”
Jeff Gundy “Life Study with Obstinate Questionings, or the Sweat Bee”
Bob Hicok “Evolution”
Richard Jackson Two Poems
Athena O. Kildegaard “Under the Trees”
Michael David Madonick Two Poems
Jacqueline Marcus “Remembering Giotto”
Daniel Moore “The Visitor”
Steve Orlen “Ballad of the Apostle Bar”
April Ossmann “Epergne”
Forrest Pritchard “Martins Ferry, Ohio, 1997”
David Rivard “Going”
Len Roberts Two Poems
Shirley Stephenson “After Meningitis, Dura Mater”
Virgil Suarez “Lolo”
Kerri Webster “Room”
Lisa Yanover “Teaching”

Translation Chapbook
Eugenio de Andrade Between the Vertical Voice and the Air
Translated by Alexis Levitin

What We’re Reading
Crown of Weeds by Amy Gerstler
The Errancy by Jorie Graham

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