a18-1Fall 1997
Cover Art: Monica Edgerton-Sperry:
Searching for Something Lost: Memories and Dreams III


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Table of Contents

Brian Arundel “Waiting for the Aliens”
Brett Ellen Block “Destination Known”
Dan Chaon “Prosthesis”
Peter Ho Davies “The Widow”
Gary Fincke “The Armstrong View”

Dorothy Barresi “Report to the Commission on Remorse”
Rick Bursky Two Poems
W. E. Butts “Communal”
Angie Estes “Spectacular Bid”
Katharine Coles “The Moth Man”
Linda Nemec Foster “Mazovian Willows: Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9”
Mark Halperin Two Poems
Ricardo Pau-Llosa Two Poems
Vern Rutsala “The Story Without End”
Maureen Seaton “A Nuclear Occurance”
Maureen Seaton and Denise Duhamel “Alice in Wonderland 2”
David Starkey “Snow Angels”
Larissa Szporluk “Duressor”
Chase Twichell “Stirred Up by Rain”

Stephen Dunn “Midnight/Noon”

The Associated Writing Programs Intro Journals Award
Jerusha DeGroote “Memoirs of the Mississippi Gulf Coast”
Jon Neville “Piglets”
Hester Kamin “The Fuse”
Tiffany L. Trent “The House That Jack Built”

Translation Chapbook
Ana Maria Fagundo In Tormented Geography
Translated by Steven Ford Brown

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