Spring 1997
Cover Art: Lois Ward

Table of Contents

Stuart Dybek “Two Nudes”
H.E. Francis “Witness”
Nancy Roberts “Pete’s Rock”
Steven Sherill “Greenville”
Nancy Welch “Running to Ethiopia”
Mark Wisniewski “The Body of Me”

Gary Fincke “Leaving”
James Haug “August”
Dionisio D. Martinez “Three Poems”
Jonathan Johnson “Call Before Digging”
Tricia Nagy “White Empress”
Catherine Sasnov “Each Building to House Its Idea of Heaven”
Gina M. Tabasso “Two Poems”
Philip Terman “Without Closure”

Ana Blandiana “So Cold”
Pedro Shimose “The Circumference of the Circle”

Translation Chapbook
Sandor Csoori Measured Time in the Din of Axes
Translated by Len Roberts

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