Fall 1996
Cover Art: Lois Ward

Table of Contents

Francois Camoin “Bigger Than Life”
Kevin E. Cantera “Nothing Good to Eat”
David Coffman “Andante Bien”
Jack Driscoll from Voices From the Invisible World
Janice Levy “Missing the Jesus Christ Lizard”
Alberto Rios “Nine Quarter-Moons”
Carla Vissers “Sea Legs”

Rick Alley “You Live on Evening Street”
Laurie Blauner “For Each Way Light Positions the Body”
Bruce Cohen “Pockets”
Stephen Dunn “Bad Taste”
Martin Espada “Genuflection in Right Field”
Kathy Fagan “Anatomical Panels at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry”
John Gilgun “Fine Tuning the Chill”
Ted Howard “Mural From a Small Church in the Slovene Countryside”
Frankie Paino “Elegy for Wilde”
Ricardo Pau-Llosa “La Habana Oscura”
Bino A. Realuyo “Japayuki”
Timothy Russell “In Hoc Homine”
Gary Short Two Poems
Peter Wild “Past Lives”

Translation Chapbook
Carlos de Oliveira Guernica
Translated by Alexis Levitin

What We’re Reading
The Wisdom of Silenus and Other Essays by Howard McCord
The Sorrows of Loruhama by Howard McCord

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