Spring 1996
Cover Art: Leah Renee Gregoire

Table of Contents

Rita Welty Bourke “Chess”
Tenaya Darlington “Ginger Bones”
Lucy Hochman “Simpler Components”–
Selected for New Stories from the South 1997
Diana Joseph “Approximate to Salvation”
Donna D. Vitucci “Planting”
Ron Wiginton “Through the Heart”

Rick Alley “An Hour of Rain”
W.E. Butts “September”
Barbara Siegel Carlson “That Sweet Ruby Water”
Gary Fincke “The Insulation of Steam”
Christopher Howell “Galileo”
Paul Keller “Angels at Rock Creek”
Bruce MacKinnon “The Black Swan”
Al Maginnes Two Poems
Jennifer Richter “Bats”
Mark Rubin “Access to Heaven”
Todd Smith “Verdigris, South Fork”
Larissa Szporluk Two Poems
Baron Wormser “For Pleasure (Bob Corin’s Pickup)”

Translation Chapbook
Victor Rodriguez NunezĀ Every Good Heart is a TelescopeĀ 
Translated by Margaret Randall

Han Dong “Your Hand”
Shuntaro Tanikawa “Eyepoem”

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