Fall 1994/Spring 1995
Cover Art: Kevin Kennair

Table of Contents

Francois Camoin “Mistakes Have Been Made”
Jack Driscoll “Squalls”
Alvin Greenberg “The Fight”
Cathryn Hankla “Love Bites”
Melissa Malouf “Dancing in the Dark”
Susan Neville “Eclipse”
Alberto Rios “What Happened Next”
Steven Schwartz “Baby”
Jean Thompson “All Shall Love Me and Despair–
selected for Best American Short Stories 1996

David Baker “The Kiss”
David Bergman “Mapplethorpe’s Lily”
W.E. Butts “Sunday Evening at the Stardust Cafe”
David Citino “The Discipline of Brick, the Sexuality of Corn”
Silvia Curbelo “From The Secret History of Water”
Phillip Dacey “Disney: The Wall”
Jim Daniels “What’s Wrong With America”
Stephen Dunn Three Poems
Martin Espada Two Poems
Gary Fincke Two Poems
Linda Nemec Foster “Ritual”
Albert Goldbarth “Coinages: A Fairy Tale”
Walter Griffin “My Stepfather’s Eyebrows”
David Kirby “The End of Poetry”
Mark Irwin “As We Wonder”
Al Maginnes Four Poems
Dionisio D. Martinez Two Poems
Walter McDonald “Alone for a Week in the Rockies”
Naomi Shihab Nye “MARIE”
Frankie Paino “Keats in Rome”
Greg Pape Two Poems
Catherine Sasanov Two Poems
Jennifer Snyder Two Poems
Peter Wild “Educational Reform”

David L. Elliott “Precarious Balances: A Conversation With Stephen Dunn”
Naomi Shihab Nye “One Moment on Top of the Earth”
A. Poulin, Jr. “The Village Idiot”

Translation Chapbook
Poems by Bengali Women A Few Grains of Sweetness in a Dark Time of Worship
Translated by Carolyne Wright
Claudio Rodriguez The Market of Light
Translated by Elizabeth Gamble Miller

Juan Calzadilla “Poetics”
Gunter Kunert “On Bridges”
Alexandra Sozonova “Saint Petersburg, End of the 20th Century”
Kurt Drawert “A Moment at the Window With the Black Frame”
Yolanda Bedregal Four Poems
Emmanuel Moses “The Outer Land”
Stanislaw Esden-Tempski “Rat Gives You His Free Hand”
Nichita Stanescu “Bas Relief of Heros”
Eugenio de Andrade Two Poems

The Associated Writing Programs Intro Journals Award
Dennis Camire “After the Quest for Fire”
Laura Carillo “For Antiquity”
Marilyn Copley “Among the Lotus Eaters”
Amanda L. Kaplan “Begin”
Erika Lenz “Sotto Voce”
Susie Mee “Following in the Footsteps of Dorothy and William and Samuel on Their Scottish Tour of 1803”
Heather Ragan “Little John on Rat Girl’s Cancer”
Patricia Elam Ruff “Young Boyz Drinkin a Forty Out the Bag”
Anthony R. Vigil “La Boda Chicana”

What We’re Reading
Save Me, Joe Louis by Madison Smartt Bell
My Alexandria by Mark Doty
Wanting Only to Be Heard by Jack Driscoll
History as a Second Language by Dionisio D. Martinez
Scavenging the Country for a Heartbeat by Neil Shepard

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