a19-2Spring 1999
Cover Art: Monica Edgerton-Sperry:
Currents & Flow


Cover design by Mark Daley
There are very few copies of this issue left in stock.


Table of Contents

Steven Almond “Nights Such as These”
Bonnie Jo Campbell “Natural Disasters”
Ad Hudler “Suburban Wildlife”
Michael Knight “The Last War Story”
Jennifer Lee “My Mother’s Body: A Short History”
Josh Russell Three Stories
J. David Stevens Four Stories

Roy Bentley “The Bodies of Bees”
T. Alan Broughton “A World Remembered”
Rick Bursky “The Watchman”
George Eklund “Shower”
Eamon Grennan “Moon Cows”
Jeff Gundy Two Poems
Jane Hilberry “Crazy Jane Talks With Bones”
Gerry LaFemina Two Prose Poems
Richard Lehnert “Elegy With a Blank Sign on a Telephone Pole”
Sandra Meek “Flood Coverage”
Patrick Moran “Nail Clippers”
David Parker “There is no I in Non-Euclidian Geometry”
Allan Peterson Two Poems
Peter Serchuk “My Other Life”
Bruce Snider “This is the Last Poem With the Ocean in It”
Virgil Suarez “Tree of Life”
Alexandra Teague “The Eucharist”
Jennifer Understahl “An Abandoned Apple Orchard”
Lee Upton “The Pumpkin-Eaters”
Ryan G. Van Cleave “Feast Day Letter to Salvador: After Dali’s Accommodations of Desire
Don Welch from “Old Poetry Catalogue”
CK Williams Two Poems

Translation Chapbook
Rene Char Nothing Shipwrecks Itself
Translated from the French by Susanne Dubroff

Mario Benedetti “Muzak”
Camelia Leonte Two Poems
Richard Wagner “On Vacation”

What We’re Reading
Riffs and Reciprocities by Stephen Dunn
Tomcat in Love by Tim O’Brien

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