Fall 1998
Cover Art: Monica Edgerton-Sperry:
Life Cycles


Cover design by Mark Daley
There are very few copies of this issue left in stock.

Table of Contents

Brian Evenson “By Halves”
Lyn Fraser “The Power of Prayer”
Kathryn L. Huber “Popsicles”
Gary Lutz “Carriers”
Manuel Munoz “Two Shorts”

Christopher Chambers “Two Poems”
Steve Fellner “Two Poems”
Susan Firer “Common Name:Scilla. Genus Name: Scilla. Type: Perrenial”
Juan Carlos Galeano “Masks”
James Haug “The Following Day”
Michael Heffernan “Two Poems”
Susan Ludvigson “Two Poems”
Al Maginnes “July”
Wesley McNair “The Characters of Dirty Jokes”
Wiliam Olsen “Two Poems”
Trish Reeves “The Beautiful Golden Bareback Rider”
Mary Ruefle “Two Poems”
Anita Skeen “Two Poems”
Peter Wild “J. Smeaton Chase”
Lee Upton “Sculpted Nude”

Bernard Cooper “Blank Canvas”
Wiliam Greenway “Dream Lover: The Muse and the Subconscious”

The 1998 Associated Writing Programs Intro Journals Award
Nancy Krygowski “Velocity”
Carolyn LaMontague “Not Starlings”
Kevin J. Langton “Lepers”
Candace Larson “Descension”
Todd Robert Peterson “The Cost of Angular Momentum”
Tsering Wangmo “Carried From Here”

Translation Chapbook
Blanca Varela The Uncut Liquor of Autumn
Translated by Deborah Owen Moore

What We’re Reading
The Talking Book of July by Rick Alley
Making Love to Roget’s Wife by Ron Koertge

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