Fall 1993
Making A Clean Space In the Sky
Works by Asian American Writers
Cover Art: Ying Kit Chan:
House on St. Catherine


Table of Contents

Kim Yong Ik “Home Again, 1945”
Chang-rae Lee “Ah-Juh-Ma”
Cherylene Lee “Nails”
Sandra Mizumoto Posey “Yellowtail”
Linda Ty-Casper “Loreto, Alone”

Eric Chock “In the Garden of the Tantalus Museum”
Eugene Gloria Two Poems
Vince Gotera “Mosquito/Manila Haiku”
Priscilla Lee “Rain”
Arlene Naganawa Two Poems
Adrienne Su Three Poems
Paula Yup Two Poems

Xue Di “Homeland”
M. Evelina Galang “Are You From Vietnam?”
Elizabeth Marie Kim “Lake of the Sky”
James Lee “Adrift in America”
Jocelyn Lieu “Something to Do With Luck: On Being a Chinese Coyote”

The Associated Writing Programs Intro Journals Award
J.W. Bandy “A Marine’s Last Leave”
Amanda E. Buege “Dancing With the Fat Lady”
Marcia Buffington “Brothers”
Jeffrey Greer “The Manager of the Apollo Drive-In Prepares for Winter”
R.C. Hoerter “Modi Tchaikovsky Names the Sixth Symphony”
Shelby Raebeck “Dream Girls”
Tim Skeen “Gameday Saturday Afternoon”
Katrina Vandenberg “The Problem With the Pills”
Connie Voisine “Home From School”

Yuan Ch’iung-ch’iung “The Understanding”
Anuradha Mahapatra Three Poems
Xi Murong “The Rainy Night”
Shu Ting “Resurrection”

Translation Chapbook
Xue Di Dream at the Center of a Seed
Translated by Wang Ping and Keith Waldrop

What We’re Reading
Old Snow by Bei Dao
Pangs of Love by David Wong Louie
Pass On, No Pass Back by Darrell Lum

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