Spring 1993
Cover Art: Francis Mockel:


Table of Contents

Brad Barkley “Saint Jimmy”
Teddy Brack “It Was Him”
Clint McCown “Design Flaws”
William Meissner “The John F. Kennedy Wiffle Ball”
Jennifer Perlman “Looking Back”

Rebecca Baggett “Last Day of June, First Rain”
Ralph Black “October Migration”
Barbara Carlson “Self-Love”
Susan Clements Two Poems
Stephen Dunn “Radical”
Catherine Hardy “The Country for Which There Is no Map”
N. D. Hayes “Transfiguration”
Sandy Meek Henson “Dust to Dust”
Phyllis Kiernan “Home Land”
Barbara Moore “Ode to Wood”
Ricq Pattay Two Poems
Susan Porterfield “Bird”
Catherine Sasanov Two Poems
Stephanie Slowinski “Tattoo Woman”
Tom Versteeg “A Brief History of Desire”

The Women’s Positions Forum: Second Installment
Dee Bakker “Women Writers and Their Critics: A Room With a View”
Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton “Ecofeminism in the Year 2000”
Denise Duhamel and Marueen Seaton “Thoughts on the Collaboration of ‘Ecofeminism in the Year 2000′”
Pat MacEnulty “Thelma and Louise: A Feminist Fable”
Susan Neville “Seeds: A Meditation on the Body”
Margaret Randall “Eating Our Hearts: Censorship and Memory”
Diann Blakely Shoaf “Thinking Back Through Our Mothers”

The Associated Writing Programs Intro Journals Award
Debra Dean “The Queen Mother”
Martha Elizabeth “The Ending
Graham Foust “Erosion in a Stolen Country”
Stella Jeng Guillory “My Voyage to Mecca”
Michelle Hippler “Chatter”
Kristy Nielsen “Watching a Man Work”
Jan Ramjerdi “Virginia Woolf Collage 3”
Harry Rieckelman “A Few Panasonics”

Georgi Belev “A Cry”
Ana Blandiana “Three Poems”

Translation Chapbook
Angel Cuadra The Affairs of Disaster
Translated by Silvia Curbelo and Dionisio D. Martínez

What We’re Reading
A Space Filled With Moving by Maggie Anderson
No Private Life by Michelle Boisseau
More Shapes Than One by Fred Chappell
Color Photographs of the Ruins by Elton Glaser
Apocrypha by Eric Pankey
The Light the Dead See: Selected Poems of Frank Stanford and Voices from a ‘Promised Land’: Palestinian and Israeli Peace Activists Speak Their Hearts by Penny Rosenwasser
True Body by Miriam Sagan
Ways of Knowing: Essays on Marge Piercy edited by Sue Walker and Eugenie Hamner

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