Fall 1992
The Strangest of Tongues: In Praise of William Goyen
Cover Art: Francis Mockel:
Suite Funebre
Cover Design: Laurieann McLaughlin


Table of Contents

William Goyen “The Dangerous Archipelago”
William Goyen “The House on the River”
William Goyen “The Vision of Saint Eustace”

William Goyen “The Diamond Rattler: Excerpts”

Critical Essays
Douglas Smith “The Strangest of Tongues”
Patrice Repusseau “Lunar Plexus: On William Goyen’s ‘In the Icebound Hothouse'”
George Angel “Goyen Canto”
Katherine Lederer “Of Time, William Goyen, and His River”
Dart Lindsley “So Holy and So Flesh: The Boundless Fiction of William Goyen”
Cathryn Hankla “The Door to the Mansion of Memory and of Art”
Eleanor Wilner “‘The Roadrunner in Woolworth’s’: An Appreciation”
Lois Parkinson Zamora “The Animate Earth: American Books of the Dead by William Goyen, Elena Garro, and Juan Rulfo”

Robert Phillips “What We Ask of Each Other: Letters by William Goyen”

Fred Chappell “The Making of Wonderful Plant: An Interview with Stuart Wright”

William Goyen “On the Failure of Work to Find a Life When Published”
William Goyen “Palm”
William Goyen “Frieda”

Allen Wier “William Goyen: In the Current of Life”
Madison Smartt Bell “That Powerful Sense of Wonder: A Memory of William Goyen”
Naomi Shihab Nye “Music of the Deep Well”
Doris Roberts Goyen “Gifts: A Mosaic”

Translation Chapbook
Claudio Rodriguez The Gaze That Nothing Owns Translated by Elizabeth Gamble Miller

What We’re Reading
William Goyen: A Study of the Short Fiction by Reginald Gibbons

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