Spring 1992
Cover Art: Adrian Tio:
“The Universe is Dying” from Cerro de La Estrella


Table of Contents

Gregory L. Anderson “The Stone Angel”
Alicia Delserone “Shedding Skin”
Elizabeth Logan Harris “Cul-de-Sac”
Joseph Kostolefsky “Monopoly”
Paul Witherington “The Thief of Skokie”

Laurie Blauner “Theories of Failure”
Lynne H. deCourcy “The Fire at the Rin”
Gerard Donovan “Two Poems”
Michael Evans “Cutting the Apple Tree”
Bob Hicok “A Way Home”
John Maner “Witching Season”
William Meissner “Summer of 1963: The Orbit of the Wiffle Ball”
Robert Nagler “After a Picture Called The Tempest by Giorgione”
Alan Napier “Two Cocks Die”
Robert Nosow “Dialogue/Canyon”
Greg Pape “Two Poems”
Veronica Patterson “Two Poems”
John E. Poch “The Recompense”
Robert Randolph “Old Stove Dance Hall, Circa 1967”
Margaret Remple “George Bush Returns from Hell to Live and Work in a Prosthesis Factory”
Donelle Ruwe “Two Poems”
David James Smith “The Quiet Ambition of Grass”
Pamela Uschuk “Hunter’s Moon, Fire Moon”

The Women’s Positions Forum
Pat Carr “American Women and the Missed Opportunity”
Cynthia Crane “Re-Creating the Invisible City: A Situated Reading”
Katharyn Howd Machan “Breath Into Fire: Feminism and Poetry Readings”
Sandra Nelson “Blood Taboo: A Response to Margaret Atwood’s ‘Lives of the Poets'”
Tam Lin Neville “I Write in a Diary for Kathy”
Patti Patton “Three Poems”
Stephanie Sallaska “She’ll Be Writing Around the Erection When She Comes”

Ales Debeljak “Daybreak”
Mario Luzi “Nighttime Washes the Mind”

Translation Chapbook
Karl Krolow “The Landscape Where Illusion Begins”
Translated by Stuart Friebert

What We’re Reading
Words for My Daughter by John Balaban
The Jazz Poetry Anthology edited by Sascha Feinstein and Yusek Komunyakaa
Mean Spirit by Linda Hogan
The Interpretation of Waking Life by Eric Nelson
The Makings of Happiness by Ronald Wallace
The Desert Reader edited by Peter Wild

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