a12-1Fall 1991
Cover Art: Adrian Tio


Table of Contents

Special Feature: Works by Latino Writers
Jacinto Jesus Cardona “Pan Dulce”
Joy Castro “Edging”
Silvia Curbelo Three Poems
Diana Garcia “An Orchard of Figs in the Fall”
Richard Garcia Three Poems
Rafael Jesus Gonzalez “Calli: House”
Ray Gonzalez Two Poems and an Essay
Juan Felipe Herrera “Tatarema”
Carolina Hospital Two Poems
Dionisio D. Martinez Five Poems
Pat Mora “Dear Frida,”
Ricardo Pau-Llosa Three Poems
Alberto Alvara Rios “Susto”
Luis J. Rodriguez “Living on the Hyphen: Multicultural Diversity in the Arts”
Leo Romero Three Stories
Marisella Veiga “Rolling”
Luis Omar Salinas “Poem for Manuel Vizcaino”

The Associated Writing Programs Intro Journals Award
Kate Cell “The History of Women in Space”
Deborah Doolittle “Trees From My Windows”
Kathleen Driskell “Leaving the Argument”
Dan Jones “The Brick”
Mary Steffen “Night Drive”
Cole Thompson “Advice”
Teresa Whitman “Jennifer

Sam Hamill “Against the Tide”
Eve Shelnutt “More Than the Mere Gesture of Teaching”

Ernesto Cardinal “Somoza Watching the Statue of Somoza in Somoza Stadium”
Jose Roberto Cea “Instructions for Interpreting a Stela”
Jose Gorostiza “Fireflies”
Leo Masliah “The Bag of Garbage”
Jorge Teillier “No Sign of Life

Translation Chapbook
Roberto Juarroz The Threshold of Other Sound
Translated by Mary Crow

What We’re Reading
After the Bombs by Arturo Arias
Rebellion is the Circle of a Lover’s Hands by Martin Espada
Selected Odes of Pablo Neruda translated by Margaret Sayers Peden
Calendar of Dust by Benjamin Alire Saenz

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