Fall 1989
Cumulative Index
Cover Art: Debra Mac Broad

Table of Contents

Janet Albright-Meredith “And One Twin Lived”
Craig Loomis “The Pact”

Roy Bentley “Death Speaks of a Man Who Started the Day Reading Rubber Trees”
Lorna Dee Cervantes “On the Fear of Going Down”
Chard deNiord “Fire Road”
Mark Doty “Winter Journal”
Jeffrey Gray “Flying West into Light”
Jay Griswold “The River”
Richard Delos Mar “Wind Rattles”
Simon Perchik “Untitled”
David Steingass “Dinosaur Light”
Arthur Sze “Configurations”

Cid Corman “Three Essays”
Rochelle Nameroff “An Essay on ‘Yellow Dog Blues'”
Daryl W. Palmer “Wendell Berry and the Postmodern Author,” a translation
Lee Upton “Women’s Uncommon Labors in the Poetry of Carolyn Kizer”

Juan Benet “A Line Unfinished”
Eugenio de Andrade “Borges and the Tigers”
Andrej Ferko “Sumaroid”
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Two Poems
Meto Jovanovski “A Completely Loyal Citizen”
Matilde Elena Lopez “Something Endures”
Miguel Huezo Mixco “This Immense Oak”
Irma Prego “By a Hair”
Jorge Teillier “A Day in Madrid”

Translation Chapbook
Poems from the Hungarian Call to Me in My Mother Tongue
Translated by Len Roberts

What We’re Reading
Gardening the Skies: The Missouri Writer’s Biennial Anthology edited by Michael Anania
La Plata Cantata by Jim Barnes
And the Word by Cid Corman
Playing with Shadows by Gloria Whelan

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