Spring 1988
Cover Art: Tom Morrisey

Table of Contents

Maria A. Collis “Confessions of a Former Mermaid”
Katherine McCracken “Dans le Michigan”
Daniel Burke “Asylum”
John Picard “Tics”
Tricia Tunstall “Christmas Party”

Carl Lindner “Boomerang”
CF Barnes “The Alumnium Woman”
Margaret Gibson Two Poems
Elizabeth A. Price “Element”
Paul Weinman “Rafting”
Lucien Stryk Two Poems
Jerah Chadwick “After the Aleut”
Ann Hinkle “Appalachian Portrait”
Laurel Speer “The Juilliard Mother”
Ed Lahey “A Different Price”
Rochelle Nameroff “The Present as Fossil”
Jay Griswold “Meditations on a Starry Night”
Kip Knott “van Gogh, ‘Self Portrait with Pipe'”
Nancy Manning “Everyone Thinkin It Mine”
Roy Bentley “The Country of the Dead”
Meg Files “Island”
Joe Bolton “Tropical Lament”
Mercedes Lawry “Simple as Shadows”

Peter O. Stummer “I Go to the Theatre a Lot Because I Care So Much About Anarchy: The Problems with Contemporary ‘Women’s Theatre'”
Mercedes Junquera “Ana Maria Fagundo Is/Is Not an Island?”

Halina Poswiatowska One Poem
Coral Bracho One Poem
Ilse Aichinger Two Poems

Translation Chapbook
Leonardo Sinisgalli “Where the Age of the Rose Burned Proudly”
Translated by Rina Ferrarelli

Special Feature
John Clellon Holmes “ARM: A Memory of Nelson Algren”

Walter Kalaidjian “Contending with ‘Contentions’: Response to Howard McCord”
Thomas B. Byers “Mountain Man McCord and the Schoolmarm”
Alan Golding “Language-Bashing Again”
James Bertolina “Ruminations after Reading McCord”
Tandy Sturgeon “From the Margins: Young Writers, Small Presses and Howard McCord”

What We’re Reading
Sometimes Music Rises by Wayne Dodd
An American Childhood by Annie Dillard
Twilights and Chants by Ray Gonzalez
The Book of Knowledge by Dara Wier
The Musician by Eve Shelnutt
Pilgrims by Peter Makuck

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