eightoneFall 1987
Cover Art: Rimi Yang
Talking to Forget Last Year



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Table of Contents

Peter Bricklebank “The Guardian”
Herman Levy “The Battle of the Argonne Forest”
Joe Ashby Porter “Roof Work”
Berniece Rabe “Whillie the Masseuse”
Don Zancanella “Nativity”

Hugh C. Abernathy, Jr. “Next to Nowhere and Close to Everything”
Renee A. Ashley “Not the First Snow”
Lynne H. deCourcy “Changing the Gown”
Stanley A. Fellman “What Bird Song Remains”
James Grabill Two Poems
Jerry Harp “Gathering”
Michael L. Johnson “The Great Horned Owl”
Greg Kuzma “Burying the Dog”
Diane Raptosh “Idaho”
Richard Robbins “How November Comes”
Biff Russ “Rodin, In Love, Unmolds His Bronze Statue of Eve”
Carolyn Reams Smith “Geophysical”
Gregoire Turgeon Two Poems

Bruce Bond Immanent Distance: Silence and the Poetry of Charles Simic

Geng Wei One Poem
Roberto Juarroz Two Poems
Jaroslav Seifert Two Poems

Translation Chapbook
Clementine Nzuji Come See Where I Was Born
Translated by Steven Rubin

Kent Johnson Howard McCord and L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E

What We’re Reading
The Automotive History of Lucky Kellerman by Steve Heller
The Nihilesthete by Richard Kalich
A Nation of Poets translated by Kent Johnson
Second-Hand Coat by Ruth Stone

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