Fall 1986
Cover Art: Adrian Tio

Table of Contents

Harvey Grossinger “Promised Land”
Len Sherwin “A Satyr’s Gait”
Francis Hartigan “Children of the Marshmallow”

Walter McDonald “Tracking on Hardscrabble”
Ann Dunn “The Formal Pond”
Sandra Agricola “Body and Soul”
Roy Bentley “On Horseback D.V. Bentley Carries Home News and Something More”
Jeff Worley Two Poems
David Breeden Two Poems
Charles Roberts Two Poems
Richard Davignon “Hector Cantando”
Nuala Archer “From a Mobile Home: Black Mesa Rendezvous”
Geof A. Huth “Fog in Brazil”
Edward C. Lynskey “Kiss of Kin”
Carl Conover “The Discovery of Morbidezza”
Pamela Steed Hill “slow dancing”
Harry Brody “The Gallery”
Bradford Evans “Not Seen in the Picture”
Gary Fincke “Skid Marks”
W.H. Acker “A Christmas Eve in Bastogne, 1944”
Marc Harshman “Climbing”
Sharon Doubiago “The Bridge of San Luis Rey”

Ann Larabee “Death in Delphi: Susan Glaspell and the Companionate Marriage”

Translation Chapbook
Anghel Dumbraveanu The Fountains of Serbia
Translated by Robert J. Ward and Marcel Cornis-Po

Howard McCord “Contentions”

What We’re Reading
Only the Little Bone by David Huddle
Flash Paper by Theresa Pappas
City of Glass by Paul Auster
Perennials by Judith Kitchen
Corday by Michael Mott
The Sleepwalker’s Son by Bill Meissner

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