Fall 1985
Cover Art: Adrian Tio


Unfortunately, this issue is no longer available for individual purchase.

Table of Contents

Rita J. Doucette “The Water Thief”
K. Hassall “River Free Clinic”
Karlton Kelm “London Bridge”
Jane Lindsey “On the Farm”
Cris Mazza “The Cram-It-In Method”

Lorica Adler “In Lakeview”
Roy Bentley Two Poems
John Bradley “Vanity of the Hanged Man”
Elena Karina Byrne “Because in This Hour”
Helen Carlson “This Winter’s Nightmare”
Bertolt Clever “Widows Travel”
Robert Cooperman “Six Months After the Happy Ending of The Merchant of Venice”
Stanley A. Fellman “Picked Feathers and Blind Gardens”
Meg Files “Jungle Walking”
Roger Finch “Vistors from The Red Shoes”
Gary Fincke “In Emerico’s Bar”
Alexa Gelmi untitled
Jay Griswold “Doors Opening Outward”
William Hathaway “The Giants’ Game”
Mark Henke “NATO 1961”
Sarah Hill Two Poems
Carl S. Horner “Water Color”
Davis Horner “The Joint Where Sin is Kept”
David James “Of All Things”
Karen LaBonte Two Poems
Richard Long “Minor Notes on June in November”
Sister Mary Lucina Two Poems
Edward C. Lynskey Two Poems
Catherine McLaughlin “Belfast Winter: February 1985”
Katherine Murphy “Seattle to Minneapolis, 1946”
Mark Nepo “Blood for Mercy”
Simon Perchik “4”
Donald Revell Two Poems
L. Sabine-Oleska “Jaime”
Laurel Speer “An Exam”
Ann Struthers “I Think of Virgil’s Farmer

Kathleen A. Coppula “Not for Literary Reasons: The Fiction of Grace Paley”
Phillip Paradis “Richard Hugo’s ‘The Art of Poetry,’ A Post-Modernist’s Ars Poetic”

Translation Chapbook
Reiner Kunze In The Blue Signature Of The Ice Bird Translated by Thomas Edwards, assisted by Ulrike Aitenbichler and Ken Letko

What We’re Reading
Afterwards by Amy Bartlett
View From the Gazebo by Marianne Boruch
A Short of the Island of Butterflies by Nicholas Christopher
Old Wives’ Tales by Susan M. Dodd
Local Time by Stephen Dunn
Sin by Ai
The Triumph of Achilles by Louis Gluck
Serious Trouble by Paul Friedman
The Fence Walker by William Holinger
Tigers in the Woods by Rebecca Kavaler
Tang Dynasty Poems and Song Dynasty Poems selected and translated by John Knoepfle and Wang Shouyi
Dream Palace by Herbert Morris
The Three-Week Trance Diet by Jane Piirto
Midnight by Stan Sanvel Rubin
Duhamel by Bill Tremblay

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