Spring 1986
Cover Art: Randy Horst
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Table of Contents

Mikhail Armalinksy “Hero”
Lawrence Spingarn “The Mermaid”
Ron Tanner “Dumb Luck”

John Bradley “A Few Things You Should Know About Roberto”
Donald Caswell “Seeking the Visible World”
Mary Crow “The Real Thing”
Jim Daniels Two Poems
Jon Daunt “American Gothic”
C.A. Dubielak “Walleye”
Joseph Duemer Two Poems
Bradford Evans “Crossing Patagonia”
David Faldet “Noah’s Raven”
Ray Gonzalez “Excited by an Old Manuscript”
James Grabill “A Fall”
R. Nemo Hill “slow men”
Allen Hoey Two Poems
George Kalamaras “The Return”
George Kalamaras “Who Has Spent the Light”
Laurie Kutchins Two Poems
Steven C. Levi “Untitled”
Robert Lietz “Pistols”
Tom Massey “The Seeker”
Walter McDonald Two Poems
Rochelle Nameroff “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams”
Judith Neeld “Variation on a Theme of Incest”
Mark Nepo “Water on the Heart”
Bill O’Connell Two Poems
Simon Perchik Two Poems
Hilary Sideris Two Poems
Michael Spence “Slug”
Mary Kathryn Stillwell “Moving to Malibu”
Bill Tremblay “Where Things Stood”
Bruce Wetteroth “Stalled at the Windmill”
William Young from The Mountain Cantos

John Byk “From Fact to Fiction: Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the Short Story”
Brian Russo “Litost: Expanding Our Psychological Vocabulary Through Comedy”

Special Translation Feature
Lawrence Millman “Folktales of Greenland”

Translation Chapbook
Ulrich Schacht Nowhere Is Near So Far
Translated by Thomas Edwards, assisted by Ulrike Aitenbichler and Ken Letko

What We’re Reading
The Theology of Doubt by Scott Cairns
Wild Gratitude Edward Hirsch
Saints and Strangers by Andrew Hudgins
Cross Ties: Selected Poems by X.J. Kennedy
Dance of the Happy Shades by Alice Munro
Weldon Kees by William T. Ross
Little-Dog-Of-Iron by Philip St. Clair

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