Fall 1985
Cover Art: Randy Horst
Acropolis, Pennsylvania


Table of Contents

Felicia Ackerman “A Man By Nothing Is So Well”
Felicia Ackerman “Betrayed As By His Manners”
Kevin Brennan “Weak Hearts”
H.E. Francis “Why Do You Have to Go So Far to Be So Near?”
Sean Lause “The Archer In Cover”
Bill Meissner “The Wide Receiver”
Dan O’Brien “Final Touches”
S. Romagnoli “Allergic”
Lynda Sexson “The Incarnation of God Into The Body of Florence”
Mark Sufrin “Reprise: or The Potency of Cheap Music”

Joseph H. Ball “Lines”
Michael Bowden “Flying Cloud”
Lyn Coffin “The Widower Grows Lustful”
Wyn Cooper Two Poems
Robert Cooperman “Glorying in the Wind They Stir”
Dave Etter Two Poems
Steven M. Gibson “Rubbings”
Walter Griffin “Homesick”
Tyler Henshaw “Dreaming of Teamsters”
David Hirzel “A Blueprint”
J. Kates “The Hammock”
David Kirby “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”
Paul Lamar “Conversation With a Photograph”
Walter McDonald “Night of the Bonfire Club”
Fred Muratori Two Poems
Louis Phillips Two Poems
Eric Rawson “Axolotl”
Laurel Speer “What We Do for Entertainment on Sundays”
Jeff Worley “High Noon”

David Thoreen “Djinn: A Logical Trap”

Translation Chapbook
Olga Orozco, Enrique Lihn, Kato Molinari, and Jose Donoso
Memory Sleeping In Air
Translated by Mary Crow and Patsy Boyer

What We’re Reading
Difficult Loves by Italo Calvino
Peter Maurin and other poems by David Craig
Living With Snakes by Daniel Curley
The Town Clock Burning by Charles Fort

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