Spring 1985
Cover Art: Philip S. Proefrock
Restricted Admittance


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Table of Contents

Joe David Bellamy “Times Square”
Philip F. O’Connor “Losing Streaks”
Thom Mark Shepard “Stick and Strings””

David Bergman “Ode on a Grecian Urn”
Anita Bond Two Poems
Cynthia Chinelly “You”
David Citino “Sister Mary Appassionata Lectures the Mortuary Science Class: Feeding the Dead”
Jon Davis “James Lee Howell, Trucker, Reconsiders His Profession”
Mark DeFoe Two Poems
Russell Edson “The Egg Layers”
Gary Fincke “The First Armed Robbery in Selinsgrove”
Allen Hoey “Children of Paradise”
Paul Lamar Two Poems
Michael Lassell “Old Men at the Spa”
Robert Leitz “For Gerald Coury”
Stuart Lishan “The Cries of Birds”
Walter McDonald “Report From the City”
Wade Newman “A Young Priest Writes to Gerard Manley Hopkins”
Rochelle Nameroff “Matinee in Winter”
Bruce Rohlfs “Chicago Alley”
Barry Sternlieb “Fission”
Lynne Walker Two Poems
William Wilborn “A View of the Panama-Pacific Exposition, San Francisco”
Peter Wild “Home Gardening”

Andre Dubus “Two Ghosts”

DeWitt Clinton “Boundaries of Contemporary Improvisational Epic Poetry”
Carl Thayler “The Oral Foundation of Post-modern American Poetry”

Translation Chapbook
Ai Qinq When Dawn Has Put Her White Cloak On
Translated by Li Jia Hu, Ken Letko, and Michael Karl (Ritchie)

What We’re Reading
David Bergman Cracking the Code
Raymond Carver Where Water Comes Together With Other Water
Eds. D. Clinton, Tom Montag, and C.W. Truesdale An Americas Anthology: A Geopoetics Landmark
Stephen Dunn Not Dancing
John Engman Keeping Still, Mountain
Eds. Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz American Indian Myths and Legends
Simon Ortiz From Sand Creek
Liam Rector The Sorrow of Architecture

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