Spring 1985
Cover Art: Kitty Buzard

Table of Contents

Robert Boswell “Tongues”
Thomas Chiarella “The Vacationers and The Crane”
David Louie “The Movers”
Jeremiah Williamson “Letters”

David Bergman Two Poems
Anita Cortez Bond “Receiving Holy Communion”
Terence Clarke “Passage”
Jon Davis Two Poems
Susan Strayer Deal Two Poems
Mark DeFoe Two Poems
Edward Falco Two Poems
David Galler “The Event”
Marita Garin “The Encounter”
Jane Glazer “Mother’s Mother”
J. Kates “Out”
Michael Lassell “THE DONALD YEARS”
Robert Lietz “An Apology for Baseball in Upstate New York”
Stuart Lishan Two Poems
James McCorkle Two Poems
Robert Peters “Playing Seal”
Norma Schulman “Aging”
Michelle Blake Simons “Letters From a Journey”
Heather Tosteson “Attendants”
Paula A. Wells Two Poems
Peter Wild Two Poems
Paul Zarzyski “Pete Briskie’s Creel”

Stanley Elkin: An Interview by Joyce Renwick

Peter Bailey “Stanley Elkin’s Tales of Last Resorts”
DeWitt Clinton “A Long Way from Hiawatha: Contemporary Improvisations of American Tribal Histories”
Alvin Greenberg “Immortal Consequences”
Yu Hui “How American Literature Finds Its Way to China”

Translation Chapbook
Marek Baterowicz Rescued Grains
Translated by Victor Contoski

What We’re Reading
Hour of the Beast and Other Stories by Brian Bedard
The Rincon Triptych by Ewing Campbell
Imaginary Social Worlds by John L. Caughey
Keeping Still, Mountain by John Engman
Delta q by Alvin Greenberg
The Importance of Visible Scars by Don Johnson
The Sorrow of Architecture by Liam Rector
The Invention of Kindness by Lee Upton

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