Spring 1989
Cover Art: Cat Crotchett

Table of Contents

Tom Hazuka “The Can in the Mirror”
Binnie Kirshenbaum “A Full Life of a Different Nature
Sheila Roberts “To Leave This Place”
Peter Sasowsky “Phone Call”

Lisa Cooper “Beacon”
Andy Crockett “Chagall”
W.H. Green “Not Me”
Jay Griswold Two Poems
Jeff Gundy “Inquiry into Praises”
Beatrice Hawley “The Swing”
Mary Jane Nealon “Warrensburg, Missouri”
Paul Ruffin “Floundering”
wf.h. Two Poems
Janice D. Whittington “Mesquites in February”
Margo Wilding Four Poems
Anne Ohman Youngs “Reward”

Alfred Cismaru “Julien Green’s Journal: A Contemporary Look Backwards”
John C. Gruesser “White on Black: Contemporary Versions of a Fantastic Africa”
George Stein “The Arts and Adaptation”

Carlos Ernesto Garcia Three Poems
Rolf Jacobsen Two Poems
Juan Simoni One Story

Translation Chapbook
Angel Gonzalez Before I Could Call Myself Angel Gonzalez
Translated by Steven Ford Brown and Gutierrez Revuelta

Special Feature: Interview
Sheila Roberts
interview by Ellen Berry and Charles L. Crow

John Biguenet “The Art of Reading”
Stuart Friebert “Some (Pitiful) Remarks on Schulte’s Essay on Translation”
Sam Hamill “Honoris causa”
Michael Karl (Ritchie) “Deaf Echoes in the Aviary: Poetry and Translation”
Rainer Schulte “The Study of Translation: Re-creative Dynamics in Literature and the Humanities”
Lucien Stryk “Reply to Rainer Schulte’s Commentary”

What We’re Reading
Endangered Species by Robert Kinsley
The Age of Krypton by Carol Pierman
Recital in a Private Home by Eve Shelnutt

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