Fall 1988
Cover Art: Cat Crotchett

Table of Contents

Katherine Estill “The World Ends Here”
Maurice Kilwein Guevera “From the Notes of Mrs. V. Koppenhofer”
Eve Shelnutt “Somebody, Somebody”
Elizabeth Weinstein “Alice”

Lynne H. de Courcy “The Pearls”
Kevin Griffith “Hawk Over the Rutherford Funeral Home”
Kip Knott Two Poems
David McKain Two Poems
David Shevin “Overdue Letter”
Daniel James Sundahl “The Persistence of Memory: Part II”

Alfred Cismaru “Julien Green’s Journal: A Contemporary Look Backwards”
John C. Gruesser “White on Black: Contemporary Versions of a Fantastic Africa”
George Stein “The Arts and Adaptation”

Amelia Biagioni One Poem
Yi Sung Bok One Poem
Margherita Guidacci One Poem
Frank Jaeger One Story
Christoph Meckel One Poem
Helga M. Novak One Poem
Kirsti Simonsuuri One Poem

Translation Chapbook
Coral Bracho In a Delicate Mimicry of Rain
Translated by Thomas Hoeksema and Romelia Enriquez

Special Feature: Translation
Chistoph Derschau “Thirty Running Haikus”
Translated by Thomas Schaller

Elinor Benedict “Workshops and Workshops”
Mary Carter “‘Literary’ Writing”
Howard McCord “Intemperance”
Eric Pankey “Craft and Community in the Writers’ Workshop”
Carol Pierman “Making It New: The Writers’ Workshop”
Jean Thompson “In Search of Anarchy”

What We’re Reading
Piranesi’s Dream by Ewing Campbell
Passages to the Dreamshore: Short Stories of Contemporary Hawaii edited by Frank Stewart

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