Fall 1984
Cover Art: George Looney


Table of Contents

Lee K. Abbott “The World is Almost Rotten”
Eugene Garber “The Bag”
Philip Graham “I Dreamt About You Last Night”
Melissa Lentricchia “Red Horse Running Through Water”
William Meissner “Shadows, Stars, Constellations”

Hugh Abernathy “Two Unpainted Boards”
Peter Brett “El Rosario”
Michael Bugeja “The Visit”
Robert Cooperman “Van Gogh at the Asylum at Saint-Remy”
Gary David “Passing On Through Faith”
William V. Davis “Night Thoughts for My Brother”
John December Two Poems
Jack Driscoll “Growing Up With Guns”
Corrinne Hales “Roadside Marker”
James Haug “Love Canal”
Jeff Hillard “Highway 36, Eolia”
David James Two Poems
Tamiko Lynch “Communion”
Richard Martin “By Zero”
Walter McDonald Three Poems
Roger Mitchell Two Poems
Eric Rawson Two Poems
Kay Ryan “Morning Sun”
Peter Serchuk Two Poems
F. Keith Wahle “The Father”
Robyn Wiegman “Vacation”
Robert Wrigley “Ice Storm”

J.T. Barbarese “The Voice in the Workshop”
Saskia Barnden “Poetic Voice: Some Problems of Definition”
Michael Bugeja “James Wright: The Mastery of Personification in This Journey”
David Mason “Seamus Heaney’s Gutteral Muse”
Gerald McCarthy “Static Essentials: Voices of Vietnam in War Literature”
Paul Metcalf “The Eye Hears, The Voice Looks”

Translation Chapbook
Rainer Bramback Salt
Translated by Stuart Friebert

What We’re Reading
Where We Live by Peter Makuck
A Happy Childhood by William Matthews

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